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QBW File Ransomware Ransom Virus Back up Restore Encrypted Infected

If you have a working QBW file and you are worried about it being infected with possible ransomware that could start at a date in the future, Is there a way to scrub the file and make sure that it is not infected? What if you took the working file, opened it and then did a back up and took that back up to another machine and then restored from back up and then started using that new QBW file. Is that sensible? Does Quickbooks have a service where they can look at a QBW file that is still working and make sure that it does not have any viruses in the file that will become active at a later date. The whole thing about ransomware is that it infects your files and your back ups over a period of time even though you are backing up the back ups off site they are still infected because they were once on the infected computer. If this process is effective, is this something we should all be doing from time to time to make sure that we have pure and clean QBW files? Does anyone have any information on how to make sure your QBW files have not been infected? Or does the ransomware turn on a program that infects the files on a certain day and the virus is not actually held in QBW file. Please provide any information you have on how this process works. Thanks

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QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

QBW File Ransomware Ransom Virus Back up Restore Encrypted Infected

Thanks for providing us the full details of your concern, Davep007.


To protect your file from ransomware virus, we need to ensure we set up the Windows Firewall and security settings on your computer. If you need some assistance with this one, it would be best to contact your IT personnel. They'll review the QBW file and check if there's no damaged component on it. They'll also help you scrub the QBW file to make sure it is not infected with the virus. 


On the other hand, we offer the Intuit Data Protect backup service that works with QuickBooks. This backup service helps you protect your files and folders when saving them om your computer.


For more details about this one, you can check out these articles:


Please know I'm always available here if you need a hand with running your business in QuickBooks. Have a great day ahead.

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