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Quick 2021 desktop Pro for PC

Hello, I am unable  to view past transactions while entering new transactions using QuickBooks 2021 desktop Pro. I just switched from 2016 version where I could are you passed transactions on the left side of my screen while entering the transactions in deposits, credit card transactions, check writing. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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QuickBooks Team

Quick 2021 desktop Pro for PC

One possible cause you're unable to view past transactions could be a potential data integrity issue, Mikel3. This can be caused by either internal (within QuickBooks) or external (file location) factors.


To fix this, I recommend performing verify and rebuild on your data. This helps resolve minor and common data issues in QuickBooks. Before we proceed, let's secure a backup of your company file.


Once done, we can now utilize the Verify and Rebuild tool. 


Here's how to verify your data:

  1. Go to the File menu and then select Utilities.
  2. Select Verify Data.
  3. Click OK to close all windows. If you see a prompt message, Your data has failed the integrity check, rebuild your file to correct the issue. Otherwise, you're done.

Here are the steps in rebuilding your company file:

  1. From the File menu, select Utilities.
  2. Select Rebuild Data and then select OK to close all windows.
  3. QuickBooks will ask to make a backup before rebuilding your company file, select OK. If you don’t want to do a backup, select Cancel to continue.
    • If you haven’t set up any backup preferences, QuickBooks will ask you to update them. Select Backup Preferences and edit as needed, then click OK.
    • When the backup's finished, select Show in Finder to locate the backup.
  4. Once the rebuild's finished, select OK.


For more information about running the Verify and Rebuild tool in QuickBooks Desktop, I suggest checking this article: Resolve Data Damage on your Company File.


Additionally, I've included an article that'll guide in accessing your backup company file in QuickBooks Desktop: Restore a Backup Copy.


Get in touch with us if you have other QuickBooks concerns. This way, we'll be able to assist you further.

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Quick 2021 desktop Pro for PC

Thank you for the quick reply, but I’m actually trying to figure out is how to get my screen  to display Past transactions list  on left side of screen when I am entering N  deposits or Check writing or credit card transactions.

I have attached a photo of what I am looking to do this is a picture of QuickBooks 2016 but I’m trying to mimic in quickBooks desktop Pro +2021

QuickBooks Team

Quick 2021 desktop Pro for PC

I'm not able to see the screenshots you've provided, @Mikel3.


If you're trying to use multiple windows while working with QuickBooks, I can help you with the steps.


QuickBooks is designed to work with certain Windows DPI settings. Setting it higher than normal may cause unexpected results such as missing buttons and information on transactions not fitting the screen.


To resolve the issue, let's first change the DPI by following the steps below:

  1. Right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon and then choose Properties.
  2. Under the Compatibility tab, select Disable display scaling on high DPI setting.
  3. Choose Apply, then click OK.
  4. Open QuickBooks to see if the home page is visible.

Once done, edit the Desktop View Preference. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Edit menu.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Click Desktop View.
  4. Under the My preferences tab, select the Multiple Windows radio button.
  5. Click OK once done.

If you get the same result, follow solutions 3 and 4 in this article: QuickBooks Desktop display issues.


I've added these great resources about entering and matching transactions in QBDT:

Don't hesitate to drop a comment below if you're referring to something else. Also, send us a screenshot again for our reference. Have a great day!

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Quick 2021 desktop Pro for PC




Quick 2021 desktop Pro for PC

Have you tried the troubleshooting steps provided above, Mikel3?


If it's still the same, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks support. They will be able to check your account further and see what they can do.

  1. Click Help at the top menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. In the Have a Question? window, enter a topic.
  3. Click Contact us.
  4. Hit the Start Messaging button.

You can also check this article to see what QuickBooks 2021 has in store for you: What's new in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2021.


I'll be here if you have other questions.

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