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Quick Books 2018 Shows Splash Screen and Closes Immediately

Quickbooks Pro 2018 has been running fine. I've been using it on my laptop since... 2018. All of a sudden it will only show the splash screen and close. I have followed all of the instructions I've found in threads with similar problems including downloading the tool box, checking some of the windows files and I've repaired the install, confirmed I have the latest version by downloading the update and now I've just completed a fresh install AND IT STILL DOES THE SAME THING. Is there now something incompatible with a windows update? I'm sure that has to be the problem. Microsoft has done something that's causing it not to run. Now What? This is holding me up from invoicing customers, is beyond frustrating.

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Quick Books 2018 Shows Splash Screen and Closes Immediately

I got it working. Here is what I did:


I found the last time the program was working by a saved invoice (10/29) and then started removing windows updates that were installed after that date. There were three. One of them acted very oddly. It said it was uninstalling it but a "security update" then reappeared from the same date. I uninstalled the "security update" from the same day and then the update reappeared and when I tried to uninstall that Windows showed an error and said it couldn't remove it. But Quickbooks still had the same splash screen and close behavior anyway. So I continued on removing the other updates. (there were 4 total two from 11/29 and two from 11/13. 


I'm not sure which one was the problem or if it is now working because I have all of the microsoft windows "real time" virus protection turned off but something in that combination has stopped whatever was causing Quickbooks to crash. It now acts like a newly installed copy and I simply reopened my company files and everything seems to be working. 


I assume at some point a patch will come out from Intuit that works around the damage Microsoft has done.

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Quick Books 2018 Shows Splash Screen and Closes Immediately

A little futher information from this morning after a reboot/cold start. Quickbooks would again not open. But I noticed Widows had turned it virus protection back on. So that appears to be where the problem is. As soon as I suspended real time protection Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2018 runs fine. So, there must be something in one of the last updates of the Virus protection that Quickbooks doesn't get along with... but I tried to suspend virus protection on the first "repair" while chatting with tech support and it tried to open a little further but still closed eventually. So maybe a combination of what was in one of the last updates and the "real time virus protection". I hope a patch comes out soon.

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