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Quickbooks 2017 integration with Outlook 2016

Windows 10 - latest updates

Office 2016 - Latest updates

Act! V21 - latest patch (our contact database software)

Quickbooks 2017 Desktop Pro (unable to find specific version) but latest updates are applied

Outlook has integration with both QB & Act!


The issue is sending invoices/PO's from Quickbooks.  I have been through these community answers and topics and tried everything I could find.  The errors are inconsistent but MOSTLY repeat.


If I save and send a PO/Invoice immediately it will give me the Quickbooks handed the message off to Outlook message.  I can check outlook and the message is indeed in sent items and I have confirmed my end customers are receiving them.


Our typical practice is to queue up invoices/PO and do the SEND LATER option and do a batch send.  When finished I do the email batch check all my invoice/PO to be sure they send and click SEND NOW.  I have about a 50/50 chance of two things happening.  One is the normal response noted above, the invoices/PO's send.  HOWEVER they do NOT appear in my sent items in outlook.


The second result is I receive an "OUTLOOK IS NOT RESPONDING.." message.  I click OK and immediately get an error from ACT! saying your Act! email preferences are not set and you will be unable to send email (from ACT!) do you want to set them now?.  So whatever went wrong now derailed my integration with  the ACT! Product.  At this point I can no longer send any thing from QB or ACT.  I have to shut down all three products.  Reboot ACT! and re-connect the address books.  Then I can open outlook and QB.  In most cases it will restore functionality.


The second scenario is the exact opposite of this and the issues happen when sending a single invoice or PO immediately.


Our accountant MUST have sent invoices/PO's in her sent items for records.  Anyone have any ideas?  obviously the two integration pieces must be overlapping at some point for one to affect the other.  Though ACT! has never generated an error in QB.



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Quickbooks 2017 integration with Outlook 2016

Hi there, SamKlinkhoff.


Thanks for reaching out to us here in the Community. I want to make sure you get the right support you need.

We do have a separate forum where you can get help with integrations. You can visit our Intuit Developer Community Site. They'll be the best experts to handle this concern and share insights about QuickBooks integration with Outlook and Act!.

You can raise your questions by visiting our Intuit Developer portal through this link:

Don't hesitate to leave me a reply below whenever you have questions. I'll be around.


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