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Quickbooks 2019 for Mac .iif imports

I am experiencing an issue with 2019 QB for Mac and importing .iif files.  After upgrading to 2019, error messages are now received when importing a .iif file that used to import without issue.  The file is a simple journal entry that only includes account names and amounts.  I have attached an example.


The file includes no Customer information however the following error is received:

Warning  The Customer field may not be blank.  From the drop down list, choose a customer, or you can enter a new one.


Also receive Error on Line 14: Can't record invalid transaction


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks 2019 for Mac .iif imports

Thanks for coming to the Community for help, @PremierPayroll.


QuickBooks will ask you to assign a customer when using AR as an account in an entry. Doing so will get past the warning message stating “The Customer field may not be blank”.

On the other hand, the error on Line 14 indicates an invalid transaction due to the following reasons:

  • IIF file doesn’t support transactions outside of your home currency
  • Negative amounts in the transaction
  • Transactions with no line items

I recommend checking the IIF file again to ensure that the data meets the requirements in importing JEs. Please refer to the documentation provided with the import kit you used for more details.

You can also check out the following articles for additional information:

That should get you pointed in the right direction.

Let me know how this goes by leaving a comment below. I'm always here to help should you need anything else. Have a good one!

Experienced Member

Re: Quickbooks 2019 for Mac .iif imports

Thank you for your reply but none of the issues you suggested apply to this file.  As I mentioned, the file imported correctly without error to QB 2016 for Mac.  The errors are only occurring since converting to QB 2019 for Mac.  Were any changes made in the new version that would impact this import?


The  only potential issue I see with the file is that there are two headers.  The first header has no data lines following it.  The external payroll program creates this file and sometimes there is no data applicable to that first header.  



QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks 2019 for Mac .iif imports

Welcome back to the Intuit Community, @PremierPayroll.

Thanks for coming back to the Community and adding more details about the issue.

To identify the root cause of the error, I’ll have to open the IIF files and review the mapping. The Community is a public platform, I'm unable to collect the sensitive information required to pull up your account to look at the file.

You can get in touch with our Technical Support Team. They have tools to investigate this further while maintaining the safety and security of your account.


  1. In your browser, enter this link:
  2. Choose QuickBooks Mac Desktop.
  3. Go to the What can we help you with section and type in contact support in the Search for something else field.
  4. Choose the Search button.
  5. Click on the Get Phone Number to see the support number.

This should help you move forward. Keep me posted on how things go after reaching out to our support team. I’m always here to assist further.


Experienced Member

Re: Quickbooks 2019 for Mac .iif imports

I believe I was able to fix the problem on my end by removing the extra header.  The file seems to be importing correctly now.  Thank you for your suggestions.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks 2019 for Mac .iif imports

Hello PremierPayroll,


Let me start by saying how much I appreciate you for letting us know about how it goes on your end. I want to help provide additional information that may help you in the future with importing some IIF files.


I recommend the following link as it's a hub of articles to assist a user with the importing and exporting process of IIF files:


In case you also need to contact support in the future, I'm also adding the steps on this:


  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.
  2. Click the Help tab in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  4. Click the Contact Us hyperlink.

Thanks for coming to the Community, wishing you continued success in all that you do.