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How do I go about taking a photo of a receipt via my phone on the Quickbooks App and having that receipt show up on my Quickbooks Plus desktop register? 


Example: I buy a coffee. I want to take a photo of this receipt via the Quickbooks App. Where do I go in the App itself to take this photo of the receipt?  Is it possible to pair it with the register then?Then, once in Quickbooks Plus desktop, will the receipt be shown on the register?


I am using Quickbooks Plus on a Mac, Iphone Quickbooks App. 




I'm glad you've found your way here in the Community, katiephoto.


I can guide you in taking photo of a receipt via QuickBooks App. Let me walk you through by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Plus icon.
  2. Click Expense.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. You can choose Credit, Check or Other (when you pay with a debit card, cash or even Paypal).
  5. Click Checking and enter other necessary information
  6. Click the photo icon to attached photo.
  7. Click Take a photo.

Once the receipt is attached, it will sync in your QuickBooks app as long as you're logged in to the same account.


You can check out this video tutorial to learn more about capturing expenses using your QuickBooks Mobile App:


Please let me know if you have further questions about this or if you need help with something else, I'm always glad to help. 

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Hi Charies, 

That is HUGELY helpful. Thank you! I could not find that video anywhere! And your list of "to-dos" was exactly what I needed. 


Follow up question: on the Quickbooks Desktop side, after I upload the receipt via the Iphone app and is the receipt ONLY shown when I click on the particular vendor in the Expenses/Vendor list? I don't see the receipt attached when I go into my Banking/Credit Card list (if that makes sense). And I don't see an option to "MATCH"-- it's only ADD. 


Thanks again!

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Hi there, katiephoto,


Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know how the steps provided by @Charies_M went. I can add a bit more about the uploaded receipts from Quickbooks App.


Presently, you can directly view attachments in the Expenses section of your QBO account. However, if you'd like to view these attachments in the register, you'll only need to click the transactions one at a time.


This option, however, would be a great addition for QuickBooks Desktop App, so I'd recommend sending your product preference to our engineers. Your suggestion helps them understand where we can improve and what features should be added so we can better serve you. You can track your feedback here: Customer Feedback for QuickBooks Online


I'll do the same thing on my end to reinforce your request.


Additionally, for you to match your expenses in the Banking window, click the transaction and select Match.


That should do it, katiephoto. Please notify me if you have any more questions with QuickBooks. I'm here to help. All the best!

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Hey @Anonymous, 

Thanks for this info! Very helpful. And I'll be sure to pass along that feedback. 


Yes, it seems like I can view the attachment by going into the Expenses section. And if I click on the transaction and then click "Match" the transaction does Match. For me, it would be even better to have the Match action displayed on the intital Banking screen (rather than having to click a into the transaction). Just like there is an "Add" option on the first Banking screen, I'd like "Match" as well if you have forwarded a receipt from the Quickbooks IPhone App. 


Also, it would be nice for the attachment to be reconignized if you click on the transaction from the Banking section (rather than having to go into Expenses, Vendor, etc.). Or better yet, a paper clip on the first Banking screen that shows that there is a receipt (rather than having to click into the transaction). Hope that makes sense! 


Thanks again. 

QuickBooks Team

Hello there, @katiephoto.


Thanks for getting back to us. Allow me to address your concern, so let me get this straightened out.


Since the option you're looking for is currently unavailable and I can see how these features would be beneficial to your business. I'm preparing a feedback submission to our Product Development Team right now. They place a lot of value in the ideas provided by users, like yourself, when deciding on how best to improve QuickBooks.


In the meantime, you may follow the workaround provided by my colleague Jen_D so you can match the transactions successfully. 


Please know that you're always welcome to post again if you have any other concerns. We're always here to help you out.  

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