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QuickBooks Certification Exam Section 5

Has anyone else had a frustrating time with QuickBooks Certification Exam Section 5?


My business partner and I both failed section 5 all three times.  We both passed all other sections with flying colors.  We took it at different times and not together.  I am an Enrolled agent and she has her MBA.  We both have been certified in the past.  We both took study courses for refresher.  We've both been using QBO since 2015 in a high client volume capacity.  My partner used to teach QBO classes at the college level. 


When I called to see if we could find out what questions we got wrong, or if there was something we were missing, they said no.  Section 5 has the most trick questions and that this is primarily to keep the cheaters from cheating. 


Apparently it was also designed to keep the studiers and high volume users from passing.  


It is extremely frustrating for a program that I have managed over 100 clients on over the last 6+ years, and designed complex sets books on, that I need to freshen up on menial tasks such as reconciliations, managing bills, and recurring transactions.


I am trying to put together why our proficiency in a program that we spend all day using is measured by our ability to figure out their trick questions.  College students?  New Users?  Maybe.  But long time users and firm owners? 


To say the least, I am disappointed and frustrated that the 600 pound gorilla of the accounting world would have such a silly part to their cert.  


Probably not worth having the cert in the end?




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QuickBooks Certification Exam Section 5

@TBGLLC wrote:

Has anyone else had a frustrating time with QuickBooks Certification Exam Section 5?




Probably not worth having the cert in the end?



Only if your discounted fees depend on it



QuickBooks Certification Exam Section 5

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @TBGLLC.


Giving you the best experience with completing the QuickBooks Certification is what we aim for. Our goal is to boost your confidence, establish your expertise, and help you earn your client's trust.


To become a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, you should pass the exam of at least 80 percent in each section. You have three attempts to pass the exams. If ever you fail, you can wait for another 60 days before you can retake the exam.


We also have a dedicated team that is working on monitoring and handling QuickBooks Accountant customers. I know you already called, but they have tools to check your certifications and can share some insights on how to pass the examination. Here's how to contact them: How to contact QuickBooks Online Accountant support?.


For further guidance on how to get your current and past certifications and badges, consider checking out this article: Download ProAdvisor certifications and badges.


Please know that I'm only a few clicks away if you have any additional concerns. I want to make sure everything is taken care of for you. I'll be here to assist. Have a great day!

Level 2

QuickBooks Certification Exam Section 5

I am going to back you up here as well, this is the most frustrating issue!  Even more frustrating is the canned responses from support.  I wish someone would actually look at these questions and do exactly what they are telling us to do, because every one of us DID study, we DID go through the steps in QBO while taking the exam and we DID try to verify answers using the study material. I certainly can't recommend QBO to any of my clients. I see how the support works on our end & I am not impressed.  No way I'm going to recommend my clients use software that has NO support when something goes awry!

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