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Quickbooks Desktop Multi-user setup

I have a question about multi-user setup and licensing. (This is a bit of a mess)


We currently have a single user account and three people using Splashtop to remotely access the computer for QuickBooks, two staff members and one accountant. The two staff members are pretty much on top of each other trying to send out invoices via the email account of staff member on the computer. We've seen considerable success and the accountant is in there often as well.


We'd like to split these two staff members as cleanly as possible with the least amount of change, then dealing with the accountant afterward. The easiest way we can see is that we purchase another computer and point QuickBooks to where the company file is via mapped drive, still using Splashtop for remote access to both computers. We tried other solutions like Hamachi and mapped drives, but we're in an area where external network bandwidth is at a premium and we were unable to fully test it without an additional QB license to play with. It's probably going to be too slow and frustrating via VPN WAN.


How would the licensing work in this scenario? I believe one of the staff members has an old QB license from a previous business arrangement as a contractor for the company. Could we merge that into this somehow or do we need to buy more licensing from QuickBooks to get this to work? Anyone know what the cost of this licensing arrangement would be?



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Quickbooks Desktop Multi-user setup

Welcome to the Community, Alex_W.


Thanks for bringing your question forward. I'd be glad to provide some info regarding your multi-user setup in QuickBooks Desktop.


The amount of licenses you have for the product equals the amount of users that can be logged in, actively working within the program, at one time. It sounds like your accountant doesn't necessarily need access to the account all day, like the other two users do. With that, you'd be able to keep the same amount of licenses you currently have, without having to purchase more. 


I would advise speaking with your third-party platform (Splashtop) to see if you're able to set up a separate login for each user, or if they can use the same login to access QuickBooks under two separate users.


You're welcome to hang out here to see what other QuickBooks users have done in similar situations. In the meantime, I recommend checking out the following article that offers details about hosting your company data in multi-user mode in QuickBooks Desktop


I hope this info gives you a better idea of the next steps to take. Please know I'm only a comment or post away if you have any other questions. Take care!




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Quickbooks Desktop Multi-user setup


You can only use ST to share the same screen by remote. You may put another machine and set up the network to let 2 users remoting 2 machines at the same time. Other options are:

1. Deploy a private cloud. You don't need to prepare the second machine.



2. Put your license and data file(s) on a QB cloud hosting.



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