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Quickbooks desktop with online payment services, how to link one account to 7 different company files with different banks.

I recently contacted quick books sales team to enable online payment processing on my quick books desktop premier 2018 software. I use 7 different company files with 7 different bank accounts, thus needed to link each account individually. I was sent 5 emails today with links to separate account numbers( No idea what these account numbers correspond to via company file because the emails have no identifying information.) I clicked all 5 links in the emails and signed into each one with my main email thus activating them all I assume. I went into my quickbooks and opened my main company file and linked online payments to it and it linked the wrong online payment account to it, which was the last email I activated. I then logged into that company file in quickbooks and transferred online payments to that account so it is matched up correctly. So that is 1 out of 7. My question is how the heck do I link the other 6 accounts (4 available now) to their respective companies? Do I need to make a new quickbooks log in for every single company account and online payment services account? When I talked to the sales rep I was under the impression I could use my main login for all of them and it would be no issue. If I have to make separate accounts then thats what I have to do, but when I go back and click sign in to any of the confirmation emails it does not give me an option to make a new account, only login, also those emails are all linked to my main account I believe. Any help would be appreciated as I would like to roll out this system soon but I am already stumped at step one.

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Re: Quickbooks desktop with online payment services, how to link one account to 7 different compa...

Hi Celbii,


Let me guide you through how to connect your payment account.


You'll only need one Intuit ID and password to access all Intuit products and services. That being said, you'll have to open each of your QuickBooks company files to link your online payment account. Just make sure to link the correct bank account to each company file.


  1. In your QuickBooks, click Customers.
  2. Click Link Payment Service to Company File.
  3. Enter your User ID and Password that you created when signing up.
  4. Click Link Service.
  5. Click Transfer.
  6. When prompted, click Yes, transfer.

Feel free to read this article for details: Connect your Payment Account to QuickBooks Desktop.


You can also check our payments FAQ's in this article: QuickBooks Desktop Payments


Here's a handy article you can use in case you need future help: QuickBooks Payments.


Please know that the Community is always here for you if you have other concerns.

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Re: Quickbooks desktop with online payment services, how to link one account to 7 different compa...

I tried this but I opened 5 of the emails and in my quickbooks merchant account it only linked one company out of the 5 to my account, the other 4 are not there.
QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks desktop with online payment services, how to link one account to 7 different compa...

Thanks for getting back to the Community, @Celbii.


Allow me to join this thread and help provide some insights about connecting merchant account to QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). 


In QBDT, it only allows you to link one payment account. Connecting into different accounts with different company files is currently unavailable. 


In the meantime, you can unlink your merchant account by contacting our Merchant Service Team. Then, connect it to another company file every time you process online payments. 


You may also check this article for the detailed steps on how to connect your Payment Account to QuickBooks Desktop


Also, I can see how connecting merchant accounts into different company files would be beneficial to your business. I'll make sure to take note of this and will inform you once we receive product enhancement update about the availability of this feature.


For future reference, you can visit these articles to learn more about the merchant service:

Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other questions about connecting merchant account with QBDT. Wishing you and your business continued success.