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Quickbooks is holding my data for ransom

I decided to update Quick Books Pro last March (2021). I was aggressively steered to buy as a subscription and I figured, sure, why not? Silly me.


Like many who have complained here, I have absolutely no desire to put my data into the QB cloud. I have used QB since the 90s and have tolerated with decreasing patience their increasingly aggressive advertising and insistence on having an Intuit account that I have to log into. As insane as that was, QB has finally reached a point that looks basically criminal to me.


My subscription came up for renewal last month and my credit card was charged 75% more than my original purchase. I had no warning at all and I asked to cancel my subscription and for a refund.

Fine, bankfeeds won't work anymore. I can live with that. I didn't use any other online services. QB continued to work until this week.


Come to find, without a subscription I can't use QB at all anymore. QB Team responds, "you still retain your files" - without any sense of irony or understanding that this is an entirely insane, patronizing and infuriating answer.


I spent several hours on two different chats with so-called support people and this was the only recourse I was given:

"Restore your previous QB version and data and re-enter all your transactions since then." That's over a year's worth of transactions! I have heard tell there was a QB 2021 Pro standalone version at one point. I found a couple being sold on eBay for over US$1,000.00 - Congratulations QB, you created a black market.

Also told I can use the QB Enterprise trial version to regain access to my files. That gives me another 30 days. Big whoop!


Bottom line, the only way I can regain access to my data in any semi-permanent way is to subscribe at the new, higher price. Isn't this what ransomware hackers do? How/why is this even legal?

QB Team members keep to the bulls*** line that this is all about security. No one is buying that, but they keep spouting it.


I will likely just cave and pay the stupid ransom. I'm going to find something I can use instead of QB and transition over. But this also means all my historical data going back to the 90s is lost to me once I drop my subscription again - as I inevitably will do once I have a replacement for this POC software that has gotten worse and worse over the decades.


Intuit - this is criminal behavior. If some team member responds and tries to smooth this over with the usual line of b***s***. it will only prove how densely, idiotically, clueless QB has become at what they've done here.



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Quickbooks is holding my data for ransom

Hello @btomczak,

We understand that there have been a lot of changes to QuickBooks over the last year, and it sounds like there may be areas you feel these were poorly communicated. We want to make this right and value this feedback so we can improve going forward.

The first thing I want to look into is the 75% increase in your subscription cost. Price increase notifications usually come by e-mail to the primary account holder well in advance of implementation. This could either be due to a product price increase or a promotional price for your first year. We will investigate what may have happened here to ensure important messages don't get missed.

While a subscription is required to open and use a QB company file, you do own your data and files. A subscription allows you to backup your data to the cloud, but all local files are yours and will remain there regardless of subscription status.


The new subscription model allows us to move as quickly as technology does and provide updates, features, and enhancements more frequently, along with the cloud services you mentioned. I understand your frustration and would like to help with any questions or concerns you have about this shift. The lines of communication are always open here in the community. 

Again, thank you for reaching out to us. I'll also be sharing this post with our teams so that they are aware of the impact these changes have on you and your business. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Quickbooks is holding my data for ransom

@btomczak wrote:

I have heard tell there was a QB 2021 Pro standalone version at one point. I found a couple being sold on eBay for over US$1,000.00 -



Contact us in private and we can help provide a one-time new legit license for the QBD 2021 at a much lower price.

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