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Quickbooks Mac 2020 reset PDF app?

I'm not finding a place in QuickBooks Mac (desktop version) 2020 (or previous versions it occurs to me) to reset which PDF handling app is opened when a PDF is generated, and the place I'm most often generating PDFs is in the payroll module.  Any PDF tax forms or reports or pay stubs or anything generated in the payroll module always opens an older version of Adobe Acrobat and not my most-recent version.  I'm afraid to just remove the older version for fear of causing quickbooks to break.  Any suggestions?  Again this is Quickbooks desktop for MAC, not for Windows, and specifically the payroll module.

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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Mac 2020 reset PDF app?

Hi there, @wmldwilly.


I can see that you've posted a similar question here in the Community forum in which my colleague replied to it.


Please refer to this link for the details: .


You can refer to page 29 of this user guide for more info about printing forms in QuickBooks for Mac: QuickBooks for Mac User Guide.


Get back here in the Community if you need anything else. I'll be here to help you. Keep safe and healthy.

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