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QuickBooks Online Advance User Roles

QuickBooks Online Advance allows to establish various roles for user. I have setup a User with the role INVENTORY MANAGER. The user in this role is not able to review reports run from the Product Service Item Edit Box or other Inventory reports , such as "Inventory Valuation Detail". User is not allowed to make changes to Inventory. Why is the Inventory Manager not able to print Inventory reports and make changes?

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QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Online Advance User Roles

Hi there, Medickinson. 


Thank you for stopping by the Community today. Every role has a variety of functions and abilities they're able to perform. Below I've included a helpful article that highlights the cans and cant's of each role and which you should set your employee too. 

Once you've determined the best role for your customer, so they can manage reports and inventory. You can edit his role using these steps:

  1. Go to Settings ⚙. Then select Manage Users.
  2. Select the Users tab, then find the user you want to edit.
  3. Select Edit from the Action column.
  4. Choose from the existing custom or QuickBooks roles. Or select + Add New to create a new custom role.
  5. Enter a role name and description, then select Save.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post down below. Thank you and have a nice evening. 

Level 2

QuickBooks Online Advance User Roles

Have selected the "Inventory Manager" role. The User is not able to make changes to inventory or print inventory reports. What is the role of Inventory Manager if you are unable to print reports or make changes?

Level 2

QuickBooks Online Advance User Roles

Selected the Role "Inventory Manager". The User is unable to make changes to Inventory or Print Reports. What is the purpose of the Role Inventory Manager if the User is unable to make changes or print Inventory Reports?


QuickBooks Online Advance User Roles

Thanks for getting back to us, @Medickinson.


The user role for Inventory Management can only view and edit existing products and services list and vendor details. However, it doesn't have access to print inventory reports.


Also, here are the things that an Inventory Manager can and can't do in QuickBooks.


This user can:

  • View and edit existing Product and Services list
  • Manage categories
  • Adjust inventory
  • View existing inventory asset account, income account, and expense account
  • View and update vendor details

This user can’t :

  • Add new inventory asset account, inventory adjustment account, income account, or expense account
  • Run report
  • Do batch actions for Email and Pay bills
  • Prepare 1099
  • Create new transactions for a vendor

Joesem Molat1.JPG

I've also added these articles that can guide you in managing your Product and services in QuickBooks. It also contains a visual guide that can help you more:



Let me know if there's anything else you need by clicking the Reply button below. I'm always right here to help.



Level 2

QuickBooks Online Advance User Roles

As the Inventory Manager, if there appears to be a discrepancy in the inventory count, how can you determine what Bills and Invoices may be missing when comparing the inventory count to the physical inventory count?

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