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Quickbooks Online Billy Pay Admins and Permissions Problem



My client invited me to their QBO as an accounting firm (which I am). I've been accessing their books for a couple of years this way. Recently, this company set up the built in Online Bill Pay and want me to use this feature to send payments to vendors. I could not see the online bill pay button when I'm logged in through my accountant profile. So, they changed my access and now I am the master admin thinking that would solve it. However, it did not. We tried to add a user in the Bill Pay>Bank Accounts settings screen, but my name wasn't even available in the drop down to send an invitation. We are thoroughly confused about what is going wrong here. How can an Accountant user gain access to the online bill pay? 





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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Online Billy Pay Admins and Permissions Problem

I can walk you through how to set up your accountant access to pay bills online, Chris. 


Accountant users are able to use the Bill Pay feature on behalf of the clients. We just need to go through the sign-up process in order to use the service. It's possible that we have a dual role which means we are set up as Accountant and as Master Admin that's why we're unable to use the feature and sent an invitation. 


It looks like we get the same thing though we've changed our user access. I suggest getting in touch with us so we can help you through sending an invite and to be able to use the feature. 


Here's how to contact us:

  1. Go to the Help menu and click Contact us
  2. Enter you question something link accountant and master admin users are unable to use online bill pay and send invitation
  3. Click Let's talk and select a way on how to connect with us. It can be through chat, call or get a callback


After we're able to pay bills online on behalf of our clients, you might want to check out this article for more details on how the feature works: 

Feel free to get back to me if you need anything else. Thanks!

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