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I've tried since 12/7/21 to receive the "invitation" at my Corporate email address to no avail. Thus I'm forced to use a generic email address, which is less than ideal. Can you help?

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QuickBooks Online

I would suggest to use your generic email address to login to your account and then go to and change the email once you are able to accept the invitation.

QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Online

I'll make sure you'll get the invitation email, @SWH4911.


Have you checked your email's spam folder? If not, I recommend that you check it and look for the invitation email from there. Once you've found it, accept the invitation to access QuickBooks Online (QBO) using your corporate email.


If you have and the invitation email isn't visible, I recommend resending it. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and that you've entered the email address correctly to avoid any delays. 


Clearing your regular browser's cache also helps isolate this issue. This removes cache data from your browser, which can cause errors and hinder its functionalities. 


When everything is all set, you might want to check out our Video tutorials page to learn your ways around QBO. 


If you need more help accepting the email invitation or navigating QBO, you can always tag me in your response. I'm only a few clicks away from you. Stay safe and more power to your business!

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