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Quickbooks SDK - Related Unit of Measure

I'm trying to use QODBC to access related unit of measure in the BOM of an Assembly.
Is there a way to access this data via the Quickbooks SDK?  QODBC says it is not and I should contact Intuit.


While I can access a lot of data, the SDK / QODBC does not provide any Related Unit of Measure data as it relates to specific items in an Assembly.
To reproduce.... 
1. create an Item "A" with a unit 'inches'
2. create an assembly "B"
3. Add qty 2 of A to the BOM of B
4. Set the units of A to "feet" and it is related to unit "inches" by the relational value of 12.
5. When I query the BOM I need to see that the BOM of B includes 2 units of A where the units are 'feet'.
In my use case if it returns 'qty 24' 'inches' this is not helpful.
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Kristine Mae

Quickbooks SDK - Related Unit of Measure

I can get you the best help with your concern, Elut.


I suggest posting your question to the Intuit Developer forum. This is separate forum where you can get answers from developers, product exports and engineers about Quickbooks SDK concerns. 


Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. 

Level 15

Quickbooks SDK - Related Unit of Measure

I don't know if this helps, but the end user would never do the Unit of Measure Conversion that you just explain, either. The function of Build works best if you specify Units in the smallest unit you manage, not utilizing Conversion on the fly. If you want Feet, then you use Feet and decimal fee, not inches. Since that would be a bit crazy for micro-management, you would use inches, and the BOM would use Qty 24, for a component that is requiring 2 feet.



4 table legs

36" table top as length unit.

= 1 Finished Table.


Then, I build 5 tables. That means 5 x 36" table top length got used and 20 legs got used.

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