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Quicken 2015 Converter

We are running on a 2015 desktop version of QuickBooks Enterprise.  I have only found Quicken converters on the site back to 2016.  Does anyone know where I can find the 2015 version?

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QuickBooks Team

Quicken 2015 Converter

It’s great to see you in the Community, ajflynn78.


I want to ensure you’re able to find the Quicken 2015 Converter.


You’re correct! The only converters available are the following versions:


  •   Quicken 2019 Converter
  •   Quicken 2018 Converter
  •   Quicken 2017 Converter
  •   Quicken 2016 Converter

To find the 2015 converter, I suggest contacting Quicken’s customer support. They can provide you the link so you'll be able to convert your file.

Upon giving them a call, your data are already transferred to QuickBooks.

For detailed instructions on how to convert Quicken file, check out this article: Convert Quicken data to QuickBooks Desktop article.


Should you have any questions about QuickBooks. Please know I'm just a few clicks away. Wishing you the best.


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