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5 for $25.00 wholesale subscriptions

I purchased the 5 for $25.00 wholesale subscriptions package now my two new customers are not able to accept my invite. I think I set them up wrong. could someone help?   These are screen shots of what my clients are receiving when I send them the invite.   Help! 

Sign in picture 2 Image-1.jpg Sign in picture Image-1.jpg

QuickBooks Team

Re: 5 for $25.00 wholesale subscriptions

I thank you for the screenshot you’ve provided, @TwoBranches.


Let’s first delete and resend the invitation. Once completed, ensure that your clients open and accepts the invitation email through a private browser. I can guide you on how to achieve this.


To delete and resend the invitation, here’s how:

  1. In your QuickBooks Online for Accountant account, go to Clients menu.
  2. Look for the customer’s name.
  3. Click the Action drop-down ▼
  4. Select Mark Inactive.

For more detailed steps in adding a client under wholesale billing, you may check this article: Add clients to wholesale billing.


I’ve got these articles to help you manage your client’s account:

Let me know if you have other questions. I’m always here to help.

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Re: 5 for $25.00 wholesale subscriptions

One thing I want to make sure is that when I set up these new customers I took the 5 for $25.00 wholesale subscriptions and added them to them as a user.  I am listed as the master admin, is that the way it is supposed to be set-up?


QuickBooks Team

Re: 5 for $25.00 wholesale subscriptions

Thank you for getting back to us, @TwoBranches.


It's alright if you're set up as the master admin. Let me add some details about setting up your clients.


There's a difference between adding your clients as users and adding them as clients. When you add them as users, they'll have access to your account and won't be listed as your clients.


But when you add them as clients, you'll get the privilege of viewing their QuickBooks account and perform tasks on their behalf.


To successfully add them in your account, here's how:

  1. Click on Clients from the left panel.
  2. Click on Add Clients.
  3. Enter your client's information.
  4. Select your QuickBooks Subscription.
  5. Click on Save.

Once done, you can wait for your clients to accept the invitation sent to their email address.


Please know that you can always reach back to me if you have any other questions. I'd be happy to help you.

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Re: 5 for $25.00 wholesale subscriptions

Thank You for the response back I have attempted the process you explained but it does not allow me to select any of the 5 for $25.00 subscriptions?  I must confess I am confused.  One account was already set up with the new businesses first month of financials recreated and now I do don’t know how to assign her as a client.  I have her as a user and can delete that with no problem but I am not able to assign a new client to these subscriptions.  Is there a step by step process that I missed when purchasing these that tells how to do this?  


Thank you in advance for the help anyone can send my way.

QuickBooks Team

Re: 5 for $25.00 wholesale subscriptions

Allow me to join this thread and clarify things out for you, @TwoBranches.


The wholesale pricing list is subject to change without notice any time at the Intuit's sole discretion. Therefore, you're unable to select the $25 subscription on the list. Check this link: Wholesale discount FAQs to learn more about the benefits of the wholesale discount.


Please see the attached screenshot below for the current pricing list.


You can follow the steps provided by @Alessandra_B and @juVielL on how to add a client on your subscription. In addition, feel free to read through this article for more details: How to create a client in QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Should you need clarifications, please let me know. I'd be glad to help you out.

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Re: 5 for $25.00 wholesale subscriptions

Thank you.  I am hoping that this works.  I've reviewed your recommendations and I appreciate you guiding me there.  

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