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ABORT Error on Multiple Computers in Office

I am having issues with QuickBooks Desktop in the office.  There are three computers, and when the two computers connect to QuickBooks through the network it will randomly Abort and close out of the program.  This happens constantly.  I have tried different methods. I have tired with them connected via ethernet.  I have tired via wireless, which shocking enough produces better results.  But it seems if I even go to another program or internet page, I get the Abort Error.  Any suggestions?

QuickBooks Team

ABORT Error on Multiple Computers in Office

Hi there, @A-1 Concrete Leveling.


I appreciate your efforts in trying out some steps to help resolve the Abort Error. Let’s work together to fix the issue on your QuickBooks Desktop. 


There are several possible reasons why you’re getting this abort message. Among these are:
•    The connection error is unstable (Non-wired connection).
•    The folder where the file is saved needs additional permission.
•    Firewall is preventing access over the network.
•    Power saving mode is turned on. 


This unexpected behavior in the program can be resolved by updating QuickBooks to its latest release. Here’s how: 
1.    Go to the Downloads & Updates page.
2.    From the Select Product drop-down, choose your QuickBooks product.
3.    In the Select version drop-down, pick the appropriate version or year.
4.    Click Search.
5.    Select Get the latest updates, then Save/Save File to download the update.
6.    When the download completes, double-click to install the update. 


Then, install and run the QuickBooks File Doctor to completely fix the error. To do so, follow the steps below:
1.    Download the QuickBooks File Doctor.
2.    Launch the tool by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.
3.    View results.
•    If you see No problem detected in your Company File, your company file is OK. If you still see the error, verify your company data file and rebuild it if necessary. See Resolve data damage issues (basic troubleshooting) to perform the Verify and Rebuild.
•    If the tool detects data damage, you can:
o    Repair the file. The tool will tell you if it fixed your file.
o    Restore recently backed up company file.
o    Recover lost data with QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.
o    Send your company file to our Data Recovery Team. Request data recovery service from Intuit Data Services by contacting QuickBooks Technical Support.


If the issue persists, check out this article for more troubleshooting steps:


This should help you get back up and running. Please update me as to how things go. I’ll be here for all of your QuickBooks needs. 

Level 15

ABORT Error on Multiple Computers in Office

The office needs to be Wired, for the QB users to connect to the Hosting computer. And the Hosting computer needs to be running the QB Database manager Hosting Service at startup.


Being Wireless for the QB data file leads to data file corruption. Unlike Word and Excel, the QB data is not loaded into local memory while you work. Think of this as a phone Call on a landline that cannot ever be put on hold or even set down.

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