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Can you red flag or flag a bad customer?

Is there a way to flag a bad customer in Quickbooks?

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Re: Can you red flag or flag a bad customer?

There's no built in feature for this, but I figured out a way:

1. Create a name custom field called "Flag" or similar  (from the Additional Info tab of a customer record.)  When using Enterprise, you can make the field a checkbox or a pick list.


I created a field called "Flag", as a pick list, and added values like "Return" and "Chargeback", things I care to note.


2.  Edit customers who deserve a flag and add the value.

3. To see it on the customer center, right click somewhere in the list of customers, pick Customize Columns, and then pick your new field by name and add it to the Chosen Columns.


You can also add it to list reports like the customer contact list.

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