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Changing Part Numbers and Inventory


I am changing how we inventory some items. We have some on hand in inventory and we just received some on a new PO that I am going to be receiving tomorrow.


My question is best explained with an example. I'll use "eggs" as an example since they come 12 in each carton.


I have 10 "cartons" of eggs on hand. This is currently how I inventory the eggs. QTY: 10 Eggs

(I inventory them by carton, but if you counted, there are 120 individual eggs in my warehouse)


I ordered 3 more "cartons" of eggs and will be receiving them tomorrow. I am going to be breaking down the part number "Eggs" into individual eggs. Egg1, Egg2, Egg3, and so on. I can change my purchase order and inventory to reflect this breakdown.


My question is, what is the proper / correct way of adjusting the inventory for the current cartons I inventory. I don't want to inventory them as cartons any more, I want to take those 10 cartons and individually inventory them as Egg1, Egg2, Egg3 and so on. Do I just adjust inventory and add the qty to the new part numbers? Then, delete the qty on the old part numbers? Will the cost be associated to the new part number?


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Re: Changing Part Numbers and Inventory

This sounds odd but Ill assume you have a good reason to count eggs individually.
You will need a new inventory item for Egg1. But Egg2 and Egg3 could be handled as Units of Measure (UoM) within Egg1 - if your version of QB supports multiple UoM.
Once you have create the item(s) then do an inventory adjustment using the "count & value" option. First check the current value of EggCartons from the item list. When making the adjustment set the new count-value of those to zero. Next enter the number of Egg1 you want to have, and enter the same total value that was previously in Egg Cartons. The net adjustment value should then be zero. Do no delete the old items - just leave them at zero.