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Converting from QB Online to QB Desktop - Cannot Find File to Download

I have read many threads on this topic.  I can export the data to the desktop version if I ONLY export lists and balances.  I need the transactions also.  I have followed the directions.  The stopping point is that after I receive an email saying my download is ready, I go to QB Online and there is no item in the tasks or to do list as noted in the email I receive.  The email says:

Congratulations! Your QuickBooks Online Essentials data for XXX is ready to be downloaded.
1. Please go to and log onto XXX.
2. Click the task or to do item called "Download the company file created on 10/16/2019".
3. Follow the onscreen instructions.
Best regards,
The QuickBooks Online Essentials Team
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
QuickBooks Team

Re: Converting from QB Online to QB Desktop - Cannot Find File to Download

Hi there, aml3663.


For a successful conversion of data, make sure to use the Internet Explorer when converting. Then, follow these steps to export your data:

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account
  2. From the Gear icon, choose Export Data under Tools.
  3. On the Export data page, click on the Learn more link under Moving to QuickBooks Desktop?.
  4. Then, choose the Download company date section.
  5. Review the export overview, then select Get Started.
  6. Click on Install for the ActiveX control, then choose Install ActiveX Control Now to confirm the installation.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions

Then try exporting your data again. For visual references for exporting, you can view the Visual Guide to Export.


For a complete guide on exporting data file from QBO to QBDT, here's an article that you can refer: Export data file from QuickBooks Online to Desktop.


If the same thing happens, I'd suggest contacting our QuickBooks Online Customer Care Team. They have extra tools, such as screen sharing to guide you all through out.


Let me know if you have other concerns. I'm always here to help.

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Re: Converting from QB Online to QB Desktop - Cannot Find File to Download

Thank you for your prompt response!  I thoroughly researched this before attempting and had done those steps  All goes well if I only export lists and balances.  It fails when I ask for all data.  I receive an email stating that the data is ready but I never can actually find the data where it states it should be.  I will contact QB as you suggested.  Thank you again!

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