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Credit Card Partial Refund Processing

I need to refund part of a customer's credit card payment. They pre-paid for a service, and then changed their mind about part of it. If I reverse the transaction will it reverse the entire amount? Or can I specify the amount to reverse?

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Re: Credit Card Partial Refund Processing

QuickBooks Team

Re: Credit Card Partial Refund Processing

Hi there, @busybodybookkeeper.


Good job in finding the correct article about processing partial refund via QuickBooks Payments.


For additional insight, the refund time frame depends on the amount processed. Transactions under $500.00 will post within 2-3 business days while anything more than that will take 7-10.


Please also take note that you don't have to delete a credit card transaction that has already been processed through your Merchant account. This is to ensure your balances and recordings are correct.


Aside from the reference you're using, you can also check this link to learn more: How to void or refund a credit card payment.


That should keep you moving today, @busybodybookkeeper. I'm still here to help you more if you have follow-up questions about Payments Services. Just drop a comment below. Take care always!

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