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Desktop Pro 2019 having errors

Hi. I am frustrated with my Quickbooks Pro 2019 desktop and I tried to find a way to contact Intuit but there is no email available and the chat window won't let me type in my problem without cutting me off. I thought I would try the community before I call them.


I am hoping someone here can help. I have had Quickbooks desktop pro since 2012 and this year I am having "out of memory" problems. This happens when I try to email an estimate/invoice to a client and when I try to go into preferences to edit anything. QuickBooks shows the "out of memory" error box, asks me to type in what I did with my email, and then closes. I feel like I have responded to this message box at least a hundred times since January and no update on a fix. 


I have already tried these fixes with no success:



I have reinstalled Quickbooks several times and I have even reformatted my computer with same problems.

I have cleaned up my disk drive and I have also closed all programs in my task manager when I use QuickBooks to make sure the memory is not being used.

I have cleared my registry of any unused/old entries.


My computer is a Windows 10 HOME laptop 64-bit operating system, Intel Core 2.21 GHz, 15.9 gigs usable RAM. My computer has the most recent updates as well. 


As of this morning, my QuickBooks program is updated with the most current updates available.


I am at the point that if this can not be fixed I need to look for another accounting solution to help me with my daily tasks because this error is costing me time that I don't have or I need to ask for a refund for this version so I can revert back to 2018 version that worked perfectly. 


I appreciate any recommendations and advice to get this fixed. Thank you for your time.


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Ashley H
QuickBooks Team

Desktop Pro 2019 having errors

Thanks for the very detailed response, @Erika2k19


Since you've already performed all the troubleshooting that I would have provided, and I know that time is valuable, I recommend reaching out to our Desktop Support. Rest assured, they have the tools that will allow a screen-share to happen and they can perform further troubleshooting to see what's causing this behavior. Please keep me updated on how the conversation goes! 


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate and reach back out to me. I've always got your back. Have a beautiful day.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Desktop Pro 2019 having errors


As adiitional option to troubleshoot, open your data file in the trial license of QB 2020 and do the same thing. If you found no error, there is a bug in QB 2019.


Level 2

Desktop Pro 2019 having errors

Thank you.

Level 2

Desktop Pro 2019 having errors

Thank you. I am finally catching up to where I can look at this a little bit more. I opened a chat window this morning and it just spins and spins. 

I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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