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I did not think that Intuit support could get any worse...

I am a long time user of QB POS Desktop, Intuit Merchant Services, and QB Online Payroll. Intuit support service as always been fairly bad, frustrating, and difficult to find. This company deliberately  hides any way to contact support staff - at least that did not used to be true for Online Payroll. It was and still is for Point of Sale Desktop.

Now, if I follow the usual path for help/support from my login, I get a "new page" link, and it puts me right into the Quickbooks support area, with no way to get to anything about Online Payroll. I used be able to get a chat window or a phone number if I looked harder. I've spent 30 minutes trying to get a human on the phone for quickbooks hoping they can at least tell me how to contact payroll. The computer generated voice with the typing sounds is supposed to fool me somehow? Please.

Their support people are all foreign contractors who speak poor English and usually do not understand half of what you are explaining - they will pick up a keyword or two and waste hours of your time not solving your issue. They are polite and I think they try, but no help after 40 minutes is still no help.

For all the money I funnel into this company, I should be able find basic support (not "how-to", but when things that are not working) for my products without wasting hours and hours of my time to get non-solutions.

Someone needs to come up with a competing suite of products for mid-sized businesses!

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Re: I did not think that Intuit support could get any worse...

I am happy to help you today. Helping you is my main mission in life.


Let's start by rebooting your computer and then clearing your browser cache.


What's that you say, you haven't even told me your issue yet?  That's OK, 'cause I'm not ready to listen yet.  Let's spend some time together, OK?  Then I'll send you a help article.



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