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Importing Checks to Quickbooks Online

Is it possible to import checks to QBO with multiple line items without paying for a third-party app? Our company is comprised of commission reps, and I log their expenses manually within the check that I cut them every month. I've worked out how to do it with Transaction Pro, and I see other bulk import apps out there, but it seems like I should be able to do it without paying extra.

QuickBooks Team

Importing Checks to Quickbooks Online

I'd be glad to discuss this in detail, @adriennefran.


You can connect your bank account in QuickBooks to import your transactions including your checks. The program automatically downloads the last 90 days of transactions recorded by your bank. However, these transactions aren't in the program just yet.


Once downloaded, you can categorize them to make sure that they are recorded in the correct accounts. You can follow the steps provided in this article: Assign, categorize, edit, and add your downloaded banking transactions.


You may also create bank rules. This will speed up your work in classifying a regular recurring transaction. For more details, refer to this article: How to use Bank Rules?


If you want to get older transactions from your bank, you can manually upload your transactions into the program.


If you have other concerns, don't hesitate to comment down below. I'm always ready for help. Have an awesome day.

Level 1

Importing Checks to Quickbooks Online

Thank you, Liera. We bank with Edward Jones, and unfortunately Quickbooks does not have a relationship with them to be able to connect to our bank account online. In any case, I'm actually looking to be able to import the line item expenses within the checks themselves--not the general bank transactions--so connecting our bank account wouldn't solve the problem. I will likely just pay the $10 month to continue using Transaction Pro, because I've everything I've seen leads me to using pay bulk import apps. Thanks, though.

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Importing Checks to Quickbooks Online


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