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Invoice headings and content - Ability to hold 2+ distinct Logo/heading content

Is QB Online able to have two, or more, invoice headers and logo available at once? QB Online tends to mix the components of different invoicing header content and logos making all of them incorrect. Editing current and New Style doesn't seem to matter when loading info., it still blends them.

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QuickBooks Team

Invoice headings and content - Ability to hold 2+ distinct Logo/heading content

QuickBooks Online has a different sample design that you can add and I'm here to guide you how,  Bruce0550.


For now, the ability to have two, or more, invoice headers and logo for one invoice isn't possible. But we have another way to get all of these things possible. You can use the Custom Form Style feature in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Custom Form Style lets you import and adds your company information such as the logo to customize your invoice and highlight your brand. You can do this by downloading the entire QuickBooks Online EZ Map Fields Catalogue. You'll want to import your customized invoice through your DOCX template 


Here's how:

  1. Click the  Gear icon, then select Custom Form Styles.
  2. Choose the New style ▼ dropdown menu, then Import style.
  3. Select a form type.
  4. Select Upload your .DOCX file field, then find and select your .docx template.
  5. Click Next.

Please check this article for more information and detailed steps: Import Custom Form Styles For Invoices And Estimates.


After importing your invoice in QuickBooks, you can send it to your customer. While QuickBooks use the email, it doesn't show a shortened URL for security purposes. For your reference, visit this article for more information: Email And Customize Sales Forms.


Please touch base with us for any further questions. I'll be around to help you with your invoices or if there's anything else you want us to help you with.

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