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Item names as subsets of other item names

I have a 3rd party import program that has worked well for years. It takes an XML file with customer name, part numbers and descriptions from our program and matches with part numbers (item names) in QB and turns it into a QB Estimate. This is to eliminate double entry. I have two items in QB. One called SOMETHING1 and one called THING1. Whenever I try to transfer a job with THING1, it switches to SOMETHING1 once it hits QB. Do you know of any reason this is happening? I thought it was because one was a subset of the other, but I can have a THING and a THING1 and it works just fine for either item being transferred over. This is only a problem when the added characters are at the beginning of the item name.

QuickBooks Team

Item names as subsets of other item names

Hello there, fencejen. 


I'd like to ask what third party app we're using so I can look into the compatibility of both software. Also, there can be updates that caused the unexpected integrations with our item names and QuickBooks might associate these items interchangeably since they have similar names.


In QuickBooks we might want to use the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries option that allows us to import list of items in bulk. You can also copy and paste list information from Excel directly into QuickBooks using this window.


I'll show you how:

  1. Go to the Lists menu.
  2. Select Add/Edit Multiple Lists Entries window. 
  3. Click the List drop-down arrow to select the item type. 
  4. Choose which columns you want to see by clicking the Customize Columns button at the upper-right. Then, click OK

To know more about this option, you can click this article: Add and edit multiple customers, vendors, and items


You can always mention me in your reply if you need anything else. Stay safe!

Level 1

Item names as subsets of other item names

The third party app is called Fence Software Quickbooks Application and we paid a programmer to create it.
I'm not importing items into the item list. I'm importing an estimate that should be matching existing items in the item list by their item name (part number). The items are already in our software and in QB with the same part number. I'm noticing that when it tries to match up THING1 from our program, it's finding SOMETHING1 in QB even though there is a THING1 in QB.
Let me know if this makes sense.

QuickBooks Team

Item names as subsets of other item names

I can see that this integrating issue starts after the update was made in Quickbooks Desktop, fencejen.


I wanted to make sure your concern is addressed properly. We have a specific team specialized in application integration in Intuit. I suggest posting this issue in Intuit Developers Community.


They have the tools to assess the program and check the loopholes to resolve adding an existing item name in QuickBooks Desktop using the Fence Software Quickbooks Application. They will also cooperate with your IT guy  to work with this.


Let me know if there's anything else I can help. Take care.

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