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List of cash payments

Is it possible to run a report in QBO that lists each cash payment by vendor that went out during a month?  So it would include bills paid (could be a bill from a prior period) as well as expenses paid that month.   




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QuickBooks Team

List of cash payments

Hello there, @mtestoni2.


Yes, you can use the Transaction List by Vendor Report so that you can see the each Bill Payments paid. Then, customize it to show the month's transactions with the vendors including the expenses.


I've added some snapshots for additional reference about the process:



You may consider checking this article that has multiple ways on how to manage your business reports to the next level: Run reports in QuickBooks Online. This contains sub-articles such as payroll reports and memorize reports.


Do you have other questions in mind? You can always post it in the comment section or create a new thread to be assisted. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Level 2

List of cash payments

This does not list payments that are "cash" expenses recorded, ie, not hitting Accounts Payable.


I want a list of all cash payments made, which would include bill payments and expenses paid without recording a bill first, including credit card charges.

Level 2

List of cash payments

It's also possible that we have paid entities that are not vendors.   A refund to a customer or a due to shareholder payment would not be captured, for example.


Again, what i'd like is a list of cash outflows in a given period of time.


List of cash payments

Hi there, @mtestoni2.


I appreciate you for getting back to us and adding more details. I'm here to help you run the report you need in QuickBooks Online.


I recommend using the Transaction List by Date report to show the complete list of transactions. To ensure the details you want will show, please review and make the necessary changes to the filters.


Here's how:


  1. On the left navigation bar, click Reports.
  2. Under Expenses and vendors, select Transaction List by Date.
  3. Press Customize.
  4. Filter the date range.
  5. Go to Filter.
  6. Put a checkmark on the box beside Transaction Type, the click the drop-down arrow.
  7. Add a checkmark on the transaction types you want to include in the report. 
  8. Hit Run report.


For more information about running reports, like how you can personalize them based on your needs, as well as some tips on tracking your cash flow, I recommend the following articles:



Keep us posted if you need anything else regarding the report. I'll be happy to help you some more.   

Level 2

List of cash payments

This does not capture all outflows.


For example, our payroll is recorded using a journal entry with a credit to our bank account.  Those cash outflows are not showing in this report, even when I include journal entry as a transaction type.


In fact, all of the journal entries are shown at the bottom of the report, with no dollar amounts.


This really seems like it should be a simple ask:  List of outflows for each cash account for a given period of time.

QuickBooks Team

List of cash payments

Hi mtestoni2!


Allow me to join this thread and share some details about the report you need.


You'll want to pull up the Transaction Detail by Account instead. Then, we just need to filter and customize it the same way as mentioned by my colleague.

  1. Search and select the said report on the Reports menu.
  2. Click the Customize button. Make sure that the Report period is set correctly.
  3. From the Filter section, check the Transaction Type box.
  4. On the drop-down, add a checkmark on the outflow transaction types you want to include in the report.
  5. Tap Run report.

Also, here's the list of reports included in your QuickBooks Online subscription and how to customize them.


Leave a reply again if you need anything else. Take care!

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