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Move Quickbooks SS 2009 files to current edition

My mother in law uses Quickbooks Simple Start 2009 with all her accounting. She recently purchased a new computer with Windows 10. Step by step, how would she transfer her files to another version of quickbooks and what version is easiest for transition?

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Re: Move Quickbooks SS 2009 files to current edition

QB desktop all act the same, so what version she gets is really dependent on her needs, pro is the cheaest and the entry level.  All desktop installs have inventory, classes, billable expenses, etc


Buy the current verison of QB she needs and install it.


With a QB data file that old the best thing would be to buy QB from intuit, then contact their data services and have them update the data file to current format.


Other wise you would make a back up, find someone with 2012/13 installed, restore from back up, make a back up, then do it again in someones 2016/17 install, and finally restore the back up in the new 2020 install. QB generally has no problem restoring a file from a back made 3-4 versions ago, beyond that it gets dicey

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Re: Move Quickbooks SS 2009 files to current edition

To use that file with a new version of QB, open it from the File | Open company dialog.


You'll need to change the file type to All Files in order to see the file, which has a different file extension, but QB will go ahead and open and upgrade it.

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