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Multiple UOM

Inventory items purchased either each or  Carton of 2,4,6,10, 20, etc. and sold in different UOM.  

In the inventory list this items are set up each as individual items. ex: Item AAAA - 2 will mean this is an item we purchase in Carton of 2. Cost to us different of course from one item to another due to the fact that carton qty will determine the cost and of course the selling price will also be different for each of this items


Ex: Item AAA - 4 Purchase UOM is carton of 4 sell carton of 2

Ex: Item AAA - 6  Purchase UOM is Carton of 6  sold each or sold carton of 6 or sold carton of 2

Ex: Item CCCC-10   Purchase UOM is carton of 20  sold each or sold carton of 20

What is the simple way of setting up such units of measure. 


Thank you 


QuickBooks Team

Re: Multiple UOM

Hi there, Florina.


Let me get you this article about setting up inventory items with multiple units of measure: Use single and multiple units of measure for items.


I would also recommend contacting our phone support team for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. They'll be able to walk you through setting up these items. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Help menu and click QuickBooks Help.
  2. Click Contact Us.

Visit us again in the Community if you have other questions. 

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Re: Multiple UOM



Keep in mind that if you turn on multiple U/M you can not turn it off

Multiple u/m is poorly implemented IMO, see this for why,


but if you decide to go with it, when you set up the item you set the base unit to the lowest u/m you sell.
then you create the associated u/m for box, crate, what ever, and each associated u/m is defined as x-number of the base unit

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Re: Multiple UOM

Hi, Do you know if I can assign 2 or more UOM sets to a single item? For example, I sell Product A as a pk/2 and as a pk/4.
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Re: Multiple UOM

UoM can be very helpful - but can also be confusing.

To implement multiple UoM the 'item' should be identical and the only difference is how may items are in a 'case' or 'pack'.

But if you have an item that is packed for retail sale with multiple pieces - then that needs to be a separate 'item'. IE - you can buy small padlocks individually or in a packaged set of 4. The set of 4 would NOT be a UoM variant of the single lock - its a different product. But if each of those products is sold wholesale in a case of say 12 - you would define a UoM option 'Case12' and apply it to each item.

Ideally you define the 'base unit' to be the smallest amount you deal with - typically 'each/single/one' - and then all the UoMs are whole number multiples.  This can be confusing to a manufacturer because the inventory count will be based on 'each' - although all the physical stock may be in cases of 12

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Re: Multiple UOM

Sticking to your padlocks example: I buy the padlocks individually. I sell them individually, AND as a pack of 2, AND as a pack of 4. Can i still have padlock as one item and sell it 3 different ways?
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Re: Multiple UOM

Yes - in that case you could use a single item and multiple UoM.
But if you physically make up 'packs' and then stock and sell those packs, then you could create separate (assembly) items for the 'packs'
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Re: Multiple UOM

Great! Would you be so kind and describe how I would go about it? When I "Edit Item", I can only select 1 UOM set. (Assemblies don't work for us.)
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Re: Multiple UOM

I dont use the 'Enterpise' version so I dont want to try to give exact insrtuctions.
Can someone else please jump in here.
If you dont get a reply then re-post a fresh question just for that.
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Re: Multiple UOM

Okay, I'll wait a while. Thanks for your help!
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Re: Multiple UOM

Thank you for waiting, @judys.


I'd be happy to help show you with editing your item and setting multiple U/M based on the given padlock example.


Here's what you'll need to do:


  1. Go to Item List to edit the item.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow for U/M Set and select Add New.
  3. Select the Unit of Measure type and click Next.
  4. Choose the base unit of measure. (I choose Each based on your given sample).
  5. Click Next and choose the package for the related unit.
  6. Select Next again and enter the quantity for each package. Click OK when done.
  7. After clicking Next, select the default Units of Measure.
  8. Once done, select Next and enter the Set Name before clicking Finish.





To enter another U/M Set, click the Add New again and repeat the steps. Then, enter another quantity for the package.


When creating an invoice for these items, you can click the drop-down arrow for U/M and change the U/M Set.



That should do it. You can also check the following articles below should you need it for future reference.


Use single and multiple units of measure for items


Create, build, and work with inventory assembly items 


Multiple Inventory Sites


Keep me posted if you have additional questions about setting up U/M Sets. I'll be here to help however I can.

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Re: Multiple UOM

Thank you! This works perfectly!
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Re: Multiple UOM

When I change the u/m on a sales order or invoice, quickbooks automatically adjust the price by multiplying or dividing the quantity by the rate. Is there a way to set a specific price to each u/m? i.e. a pk/4 is usually cheaper than 4 packs of 1 each...
QuickBooks Team

Re: Multiple UOM

Hello there, @judys.


Currently, It isn't possible to set a specific price to each u/m by using measurement in QuickBooks.


As my colleague mentioned above, that's the only way to set up a price for each unit of measure.


You can also read this article to help guide you in your future task:  Inventory and projects for QuickBooks Enterprise.


Please let me know how everything goes in the comment section below. I'll be here if should you need anything else. Have a great day.

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