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QB 2010 issues


I have been using QB2010 for my small club's accounting till now. I had updated the version to R5. However, now my existing laptop running on Windows 10 has run into problems due to leaking LCD from screen (Dell 13 - 2012 version). So i have purchased a new laptop. I have transferred the data to the new laptop running windows 10and reloaded the QB2010 programme.

The problem now is that the programme cannot open the QBB file as the version on the CD is old. And i am unable to update to R5. I am getting error messages. i have attached the error messages.

We are a small club and cannot afford to get latest versions of QBs which is beyond our capacity.

Please help whoever can so i could get along with my club accounting.


QuickBooks Team

Re: QB 2010 issues

Hello there, sharve.


I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us.


QuickBooks Desktop 2010 is no longer compatible with your Windows 10 operating system. As technology advances, QuickBooks always makes sure to update the system requirements to ensure compatibility and prevent system related issues when using the program.


If you wish to stay with the old QuickBooks Desktop version, you may need to downgrade your operating system.


Just in case you'd like to know more about QuickBooks Desktop system requirements, feel free to check out the link.


Feel free to reach back to me if you have any other concerns about QuickBooks Desktop. I'm always happy to assist.

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Re: QB 2010 issues

Thanks Charles for your interest in the issue I am facing.

I understand what you are saying but I have issues which remain unresolved as explained below:

I had previous run QB Pro 2010 on Windows 10 and had undated my programme going up to R 5. I was and still running the same on my old Dell 13 XPS laptop. However, since the LCD screen is leaking the screen is slowly becoming unclear and hence I purchased a new laptop and transferred all the data to the new one. 

I had the original QB Pro 2010 CD and I loaded the programme on to the new laptop. However, (a) I couldn't open/import the QBB files from the new laptop as the backups were taken in R 5 version on my old laptop, (2) I wasn't able to update the QB version to R 5 on my new laptop - i have already attached the error messages.

So now if someone can send me R 5 link for QB Pro 2010 I may be successful otherwise what are the alternatives?

As I already informed earlier, we are a small club of about 40 members playing table tennis and most of us are retired and elderly.

If everything else fails, I have to revert to maintain accounts on Excel sheet.

Please can a solution to my problem be found amongst the QB Community?

Thanks again.

QuickBooks Team

Re: QB 2010 issues

I was touched with your story, sharve.


I can help you get the update for QuickBooks Pro 2010. The R5 update is no longer available in the system. You can jump to R17 instead.


Here's how to download it:

  1. Go to the Download page.
  2. Select United States for the country, QuickBooks Desktop Pro for the product and 2010 for the version.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click the Get the latest update hypertext.
  5. Run the update and restart your computer.

You can always go back to this thread if you have other questions.

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Re: QB 2010 issues

Hi JessT

Thanks very much for your interest in my problem with QB 2010. It is really vexing.

As suggested I have downloaded the R17 version. However, while installing when I input the Licence No. & Product No. there is a error message stating that ‘ you have entered incorrect Licence no. & Product No.’!! Though I have the original letter of sale from Intuit giving the required information.

Please Help!!!!!

Kind regards



Community Contributor *

Re: QB 2010 issues

Hi JessT

Continuing from my earlier post when I reload my original CD, the licence no. & product no. are recognised and the programme is installed. But, alas, it doesn't update and the web patch is not getting installed - error message states  'no QB programmes running'.

So we are back to square 1!!!!!

Any brilliant ideas?

Kind regards


QuickBooks Team

Re: QB 2010 issues

Thank you for getting back to us, @sharve.


The error 12007 is sometimes caused when QuickBooks is unable to successfully connect to your internet. I can provide some details about this and help you update your QuickBooks version.


Oftentimes, applications or settings in your browser interfere with the update on your QuickBooks. You can check your internet connectivity and settings to successfully update your current version.


First, you'll need to test whether you can access other websites. To accomplish this, you'll need to download and run the TLS 1.2 Utility. This said, you'll also need to make sure that Internet Explorer is running as your default browser.


Once done, you can review the settings in your Internet Explorer to ensure that there are no problems in downloading the updates.


If you're still unable to download and install the new patch for QuickBooks Desktop, I suggest contacting our support team. This way, they can view your account in a safe environment and help you update your QuickBooks to the latest release. And so that you can successfully get along with your club accounting.


Here's how you can contact them:

  1. On your QuickBooks account, press F1 on your keyboard.
  2. Click on Contact Us.
  3. Enter or select a topic.
  4. Click on Start a message.

Please fill me in if you have any other questions. I'll be here to assist you.

Community Contributor *

Re: QB 2010 issues

Hi Alessandra

Thanks for your suggestion.


I have tried all that you have said earlier after going through several posts left by others about this error but to no avail.


Still waiting for a solution to get going with QB pro 2010 on my new laptop. Old laptop QB pro 2010 is still working fine though it is not updating (last update was R 5).


Any help most welcome!!


Re: QB 2010 issues

Good try in performing those steps provided by my colleague above, sharve.


There are instances that unsupported QuickBooks version may work on higher windows version. However in the long run, it may encounter program issues.


I can think of one more troubleshooting that you can try to fix this. You can run repair QuickBooks. Follow the detailed steps on this link: Fix QuickBooks Desktop (Windows). Note you can skip step number 2. 


If in case you decide to upgrade your program in the future, you can experience our latest version through our QuickBooks Desktop trial.


Let us know if you have other concerns, we're always here to help.

Community Contributor *

Re: QB 2010 issues

Hi Glinette

yes I have tried all this without success☹️

Thanks for your interest in finding a solution which eludes all of us.




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