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Level 3

QB online certification

I have just completed the QB online certification.  I have lost confidence in the outcome of this certification as there are questions that I did not get right that I am confident are correct, but what really is disappointing is that some of the questions themselves are incorrect.  Here is a copy of one of them:


Question 4

A client has asked for your help to set up a recurring transaction. She wants to create a recurring sales receipt. This is the process she has followed so far:

  1. Select the Quick Create icon
    2. Select Recurring transactions
    3. Select New

What should she do next?


  • Select an interval for the recurring transaction to recur
  • Choose the customer or vendor
  • Select the type of transaction she wants to make recur
  • Pick a template to use

The recurring transactions are not found in the Quick Create icon.  That option is found under the Gear icon.  


This means the questions being answered is not a correct question.  


Where is the oversight on these exams and who can be contracted to give feedback?



Level 10

Re: QB online certification

I also found ambiguities, but this one is blatant.  I remember this one. Given that there is no "none of the above", you just have to assume that "Gear" is what is meant. The good news is that you get 4 or 5 attempts and you don't have to get them all right, and there were enough questions with clear answers to pass.  This really should not happen though

Level 1

Re: QB online certification

Where is someone from Intuit's response to this question?  I am getting ready to take this certification test and don't want to not pass due to test errors.

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