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I have my own screen printing business and brand some items for myself to sell. Currently using QBOnline and wondering how would I do this. I have blank shirts that i get from a warehouse and then put a graphic on them for me to sell. My thought was to make this a bundled product since I am taking a blank shirt and screen printing to make that branded shirt. Using bundle tho, I can not update my inventory. So if I have 10 blank shirts and used 5 of them for my use (brand), the bundle option doesnt let me update the inventory. Does anyone have a thought on how I can update this so my inventory gets updated.


It's possible that the quantity on the bundle is zero, JV-outfitters.


Let's check to see if you've entered a quantity on hand. Make sure that the counts for the blank shirts are the same as the screen printing. I'll show you how:


  1. Click Sales, and then select Product and Services.
  2. Click the Edit link of the bundle item.
  3. Modify their QTY if needed.
  4. Click Save and close.


Afterwards, you can manually adjust the quantity so you can have the correct posting of your quantity report.


I'm always around if you still have other concerns.

Level 1

Thank you for the reply. If you change the qty of the items in the bundle isnt that saying that for 1 of the bundle products, it takes 20 shirts and 20 screen prints? Also if you change those items, its not really making the bundled item qty 20. So if i sell one, it would show like there is none left

QuickBooks Team

Hi @JV-outfitters,


You'll need to update the quantity on hand of your blank shirt, not on the bundled item. You can edit the bundle inside your sales transaction without affecting the bundle products/service and price, and amend the quantity of the same bundle being sold if selling more than one.


Let me walk you through how to do it:


  1. Go to Sales. then Products and Services.
  2. Locate the blank shirt item, and then Edit.
  3. Update the Quantity on hand field, and Reorder point.
  4. Click Save and close.

I've added some screenshots below on how it looks like to update the item and reports.


You can read our blog for more information about inventory bundles.


If you need to see the inventory status and performance, please check this link: Use reports to see your sales and inventory status.


Thanks again for reaching out to us. Feel free to come back anytime soon if you have other concerns. Have a lovely day.




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