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Ron Boehly
Level 1

Quick Books Support Problems

Here is my problem I have contacted both chat and have someone call me back many times and have asked this question a few different ways (1) cannot save file as PDF (2) cannot save register as PDF, (3) how do I save a PDF file, (4) how do I save a register file  as a PDF file not one of the quick books support members could answer that very basic question. I attached the chat transcript for your viewing enjoyment. 

I do want to thank the community for answering that question it took  about 1 Hr. after I posted question. (1) Go to chart of accounts select almost any account. (2) Go to reports at the bottom of window and select save as PDF from drop down menu. (3) Name file and save to anywhere you like  desktop, cloud, or any place you like. (4) you are done it will be there. It is inconceivable to me that tech support does not know this. I have attached the support chat transcript from only 2 of the most recent on this issue, I have no record of what was said to me from talking to support but it was about the same conversation as chat transcript. I even talked to support today and I told them the answer to the question as everyone can see from the transcript, also asked for a supervisor to call me on this issue we will see if I get a call back.


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Quick Books Support Problems

At least from the community you did get answers, and that is why we are here.


To reiterate, you can only create a pdf from a report or anything that can be printed (by using a pdf printer app)

Ron Boehly
Level 1

Quick Books Support Problems

Good Day John

I am not having a problem with program the Community answered that simple question 3 days ago, my problem is Quick Books support took 3 days of chat or call back only one agent I talked to came to correct solution after I talked to her for about 20 min. It should be answered in the first 2 minutes.


(1) Why when I reply to an answered post does not the same person reply back.

(2) When I attach a file can you read it I have sent this same file to many people it is a couple of chat transcripts of support chats and these post from over the last 3 to 4 days now. And a review letter

I am going to try support chat and call back again to see if a superviser will call me back. 

(3) All I want to do is talk to them and send them this file.

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