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Quickbooks Desktop for Mac does not open Online Payroll anymore.

I have a Mac on High Sierra using Quickbooks 2015 and until this most recent update I used to be able to select at the top toolbar Employees>Payroll and this would open the online payroll option. Now when I select that option it opens up a webpage that promptly says "Server cannot be found" and the link it is trying to access is How can I update this link?


I have gone to Quickbooks>Preferences>Payroll>Edit Account but did not find any option there to edit that link. Also under Quickbooks>Preferences>Payroll there is a drop down that says "Choose what Employee>Payroll does" and the only two options there are not what I need. I do not have anymore pending updates for my quickbooks software. Is anyone familiar with this issue?

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Quickbooks Desktop for Mac does not open Online Payroll anymore.

Thanks for sharing your concern with us, jpena.


The macOS High Sierra is not compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2015. This is the reason why you get the message. You'll need to update your software to a higher version.


You can learn more about requirements at this guide: System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 and Enterprise Solutions 20.0.


Here's how to download it:

1. Go to Intuit's QuickBooks Downloads webpage.
2. Find the section titled I've bought Quickbooks. What next? and choose the following selections:

  • Select Country: United States
  • Select Product: QuickBooks Mac Desktop
  • Select Version: 2020

3. Click Search.
4. In the Here’s your product area, there will be a green Download button which can be used to save a copy of the app to your computer.
Now you'll be able to install your product and use it as normal.


You can refer to this article to see the detailed step-by-step guide on setting up QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and some things you need to know to get started with the software: Install and set up QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


Here's a guide to know more about QuickBooks Desktop for Mac features and functions: QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2020 User’s Guide.


Get back to me if you have follow-up questions by leaving a reply below. I'm always happy to help. Have a good day!

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Quickbooks Desktop for Mac does not open Online Payroll anymore.

The fundamental problem is Intuit Online Payroll is no longer accessible via the link.  Try running QuickBooks->Check For Updates and apply any available updates.  


Beyond that, you may be able to type in the new url which is 

https [colon slash slash]

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