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setting up income tax for Ohio

we have a new employee who lives in the state of Ohio. Need to know how to set it up along with our normal PA income tax  for employees

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QuickBooks Team

Re: setting up income tax for Ohio

You can set this employee up the same way you did with the others, TonyL2.


To know what local income tax your employee is subject to, you can visit the Ohio Local Tax Finder website. This will guide on what rates and taxes to use.


Once you have the information, you can follow these steps to set up the employee's profile:

  1. Click the Employees tab at the top.
  2. Click the Add an Employee link.
  3. Enter the employee's information (i.e. Name, Address, Pay, and Taxes).
  4. Click Continue until you're finished.

I also prepared some articles for your future references:

If you need a hand with the setup, just let me know. I'll be around to help you some more.

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