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Stock inventory items and how to add to a job

We make seals of various types and have them on hand to use when needed. Most times these seals are not costed out to the job they are used with (just considered part of overhead). We would like to start assessing a "price" to each seal and then applying this cost to a specific job. How do I do this? I can't create an invoice for seals as I will not have a payment to apply against the invoice and I can't create a bill as I am not going to make a payment to anyone.  Thanks for any advise you may be able to provide!

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Stock inventory items and how to add to a job

Inventory is never Job Tracked as incoming. It is Stocked. Job Tracking is done because something is Noninventory, and either custom built for that order (even if a Standard item, it isn't going into stock) or custom ordered for that order. You don't assign a Price for purposes of costing. Price relates to Selling.


To show the Cost of something that is in stock, and Used for a job directly but not Sold to it, is done using the Inventory Adjustment screen. Top of the screen, you see the field to assign Customer there.


Now the COGS from the inventory item, not from a sale but from the Adjustment function, is Job Tracked.


This is Relieved from Stock in lieu of Sold from Stock.


There is no bill or invoice. There is nothing Bank-related, here.

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