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Tech support

QBapp; 2/3 of the screen blurs and freezes while in the middle of an order.  Have to delete app, reinstall.  Is there a solution?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Tech support

Hi there, Lm1422.


Aside from reinstalling the app, you can also try to update your mobile device. Once updated, reopen the app and create an order to check if that works.


If the error persists, I would recommend contacting our phone support. They can take a look at this a little further to check what's causing the issue. Here's how to reach out to them:


  1. Tap the Menu icon and scroll down to Help and Feedback.
  2. Tap Help and Support.
  3. Select a topic and a sub-topic.
  4. Scroll down and tap Get Phone Number.

Visit us again in the Community if you have other questions.


Established Member

Why I can't get tech support

What happened with the 24/7 tech support I was promised when resubscribing to Premium, downgrading from their terrible Enterprise system? All I can get is text support, and NOT 24/7. I just resubscribed last week but am going to downgrade to no 24/7 support, which doesn't exist anyway.

Community Manager

Re: Why I can't get tech support

There has been no changes, RedRockRobert. 


We are still open 24/7, and QuickBooks Community is one way to reach us. We are here to provide help with any QuickBooks questions. I encourage you to give us a try. 


Other ways are to send us a message and get a callback. To do either of these, please click on the Help menu on your QuickBooks. Choose QuickBooks Desktop Help (F1), and click on Contact us


Please ask questions to us, and you'll surely get answers.