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Unrecoverable Error on Quickbooks Desktop 2024

I have the Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Nonprofit 24.0. I previously had 23.0 and was upgrade because I keep getting a pop-up box titled "unrecoverable error".  I then have options and then it ultimately closes QuickBooks and reopens it. There's never a resolution that has actually worked. It's super frustrating. 

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QuickBooks Team

Unrecoverable Error on Quickbooks Desktop 2024

Hey there, @KSchadel. I completely understand your frustrations, and I'd feel the same way if I kept encountering the same error message while working.


Allow me to provide some troubleshooting steps to help address the Unrecoverable error message and get you back to your business.


Let's begin by updating QuickBooks to the latest release. This will ensure that the program is up-to-date with the most recent fixes and security updates. Here's how you can do it:


  1. Go to Help and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click Update Now, then Get Updates.
  3. Close and reopen QuickBooks to install the update again.


If you still encounter the same error message, try opening QuickBooks with all windows closed. Sometimes, if you have a large report or multiple windows set to open automatically, you may experience an unrecoverable error during startup. To open your file with all windows closed, follow these steps:


  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. In No Company Open, select your company file.
  3. Press and hold ALT on your keyboard and then select Open. Don’t let go of ALT until the file opens. If QuickBooks asks you to sign in, release ALT and enter your password. Press and hold ALT again and select OK.


If the issue persists, you can proceed to solutions two, three, and four outlined in this article: How to troubleshoot unrecoverable errors.


I also recommend creating a backup of your company file before you begin troubleshooting. This will ensure that your data is safe.


Moreover, you can check out this article for additional steps in fixing errors in QuickBooks Desktop: Fix Data Damage on Your QuickBooks Desktop Company File

Please let me know the outcome of the troubleshooting steps. I'm always here to provide further assistance in resolving unrecoverable errors in the program. Have a great day!

Level 10

Unrecoverable Error on Quickbooks Desktop 2024


Have you run the Verify/Rebuild Data utility?

If you found error messages, your file is damaged. Chat Support and ask to fix your file. Another option, you may consider purchase a 3rd party file repair service.

Level 3

Unrecoverable Error on Quickbooks Desktop 2024

I have ran updates constantly and the version I have right now is the most up to date version. I just did this process with a QB expert last week. And it's STILL shutting down. 


Option 1: Done. Doesn't fully work.

Option 2: Not an option, we only have one user.

Option 3: Done, still doesn't work. 

Option 4: Nope, doesn't work either.

Option 5: Did this after having my company file verified by an expert after a week and a half review. Unfortunately, not the solution. 

Option 6: Done this far too much. It always comes back that everything is normal and there are no errors. 

Level 3

Unrecoverable Error on Quickbooks Desktop 2024

Too many times to count and it always comes back with zero errors. I'm honestly stumped. 

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Unrecoverable Error on Quickbooks Desktop 2024

You should ask a third party service provider for a second opinion.



Unrecoverable Error on Quickbooks Desktop 2024

Thanks for getting back to us and performing steps to fix the error you encountered while opening QuickBooks Desktop 2024, @KSchadel.


I can provide additional information to help you resolve the unrecoverable error.


Since you're still encountering an error even after performing those steps, I suggest reaching out to our Customer Support team. Let them know the troubleshooting steps you've already taken, so they can continue isolating the errors and help you resolve them using their tools in a safe and secure environment. 


You can reach QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Customer Support anytime at any day.


If you can't get into your program, you can message us outside of the QBDT. Let me show you how:


  1. Go to this support link and choose QuickBooks Desktop from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on Continueqbdt 1.JPG
  3. In the What can we help you with? page, provide all the necessary information and click on Continue.qbdt 2.JPG


You can choose Have us call you to arrange a callback from a support agent or Chat with us to chat with them directly. Check this article for detailed guidance in reaching out to our Customer SupportContact QuickBooks Desktop support.


Discover the latest features of QuickBooks Desktop 2024 by checking this article: What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop 2024.


Let me know if you need further information about opening your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). I'm always here to assist. Have a great rest of the day!

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