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Unresolved issue

Hi, I have been waiting for a resolution to my company file since June 7th. I was given a "fixed" file by data services via the file exchange, this file was NOT fixed. I have continued to be patient but my patience are gone. My company has been at a stand still since June 7th! I am currently waiting for the tech supervisor to call me back regarding this issue....been waiting since Wed the 19th. I have contacted every way that I can find to try to get someone to resolve my issue, all I keep getting is "so & so will call you within 3 hours. If they do not call you please contact us through help chat" I have done this 4 times today alone! Every time I talk to someone they assure me that I will hear from someone this time & that it will be resolved & that they have escalated my case.

This is subpar customer service & on top of that I am paying for an Intuit Care Plan, what a joke!!

I have tickets stacking up that need to be invoiced, I have thousands of entries to do & redo because they were not able to recover my file. I just keep getting brushed off & pushed to the side.


Only thing I can think of at this point is filing a complaint with the BBB.


And imagine that, the first time I go to try to post this it comes up with an error & tells me to try again in a few minutes. That's all I have been doing since June 7th is WAITING FOR INTUIT!!!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Unresolved issue

Hello there, @Candi2


We don't want our customers to have a difficult experience when contacting our Data Services team and take this issue longer. We truly care in helping get this matter resolved within the possible quickest time.


Can I ask for your specific concern? This way, I can offer assistance to help fix your company file. 


The Data Services team operates separately from the customer support group you're used to working with. I'd suggest checking out the status of your case by going through this link: Data Services Customer Status Information. Then, click Status Check and enter your Case # and Email so you can submit your request. For more details about this process, please see this article: Frequently Asked Questions


I'll recount your experience here on my end so this will not happen again and make sure to pass along your feedback.


You can always come here in the Community if you have other concerns. I'll be right here to help, @Candi2

Established Community Backer ***

Re: Unresolved issue

As RaymondJayO said please describe the actual symptoms of the issue. Maybe we can provide a suggestion that will help. 

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Re: Unresolved issue

On June 6th my QB appeared normal, on June 7th when I opened it, it had black & whites lines on the check register & the write checks was blacked out. Contacted QB long story short they had me sign up for Intuit Customer Care then send them my company file so they could repair it. They were not able to repair it to date of June 7th but rather May 15th. Which is the same date I upgraded from QB 2016 for Mac to QB 2019 for Mac.

Wed the 19th I was instructed to download the "fixed" company file & contact the tech support 1800 number to do so, that way they could walk me through it as to not screw anything up in the download process. So while downloading step by step by tech support an error came up during the rebuilding data. The tech rep at that point tried everything she knew how & told me the data services tech would be calling me.....speed up to today, about 5:30pm my time the data services tech finally called me after I spent several hours pestering them to have someone call me through email, chat & on the phone simultaneously. Once again speed up to current time of 6:30pm my time, data tech said they could not do anything that I would be transferred to tech support (yes you guessed it, the same people that tried everything Wed & referred me to data services, do you see a pattern here?) once again tech support went through everything she knew how & error message still coming up during rebuilding data. Then she hung up on me after I refused to be told AGAIN that I would have to wait for someone from data services to call me & resolve the issue.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Unresolved issue

I appreciate the details that you've given, @Candi2.


This is not the kind of experience that we want you to have. Let me provide some troubleshooting steps to get rid of the black & white lines that are showing on your register and checks.


Normally, verifying and rebuilding your data can help fix issues like this. Since this isn't your case, I'd recommend uninstalling the software and running a clean installation. This allows QuickBooks to create a new folder to replace broken installation files.


Before doing so, please create a back up of your company file to avoid accidental data loss.


Here's how to do a clean install:

  1. Close QuickBooks.
  2. While on your desktop, from the Finder menu, select Go.
  3. Choose Applications.
  4. Select the QuickBooks icon and drag/move it to the Trash.

Here's an article you can check out to know more about installing QuickBooks using clean install: Reinstall QuickBooks for Mac Using Clean Install.


Once done, try checking your checks and see if it works this time. If not, I'd suggest contacting our QuickBooks for Mac Technical Support Team. They have the tools to review the logs of your company file securely and can help you resolve this hitch. 


Please keep me updated how things turns out. I want to ensure everything is up and running for you. 

Established Community Backer ***

Re: Unresolved issue

hi @Candi2 ,

You should consider to do some self troubleshoot as advised by @BettyJaneB as earlier. Otherwise, you could purchase a file repair service from third party. I could recommend you a Canadian company to try repairing it. PM me for details.

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Re: Unresolved issue

Hi @BettyJaneB ,

I appreciate you trying to help but the steps you mentioned are all the same steps that I went through with Tech Support with the same end result (still getting error message during rebuild data). The black & white lines & the blacked out write checks were taken care of in the "fixed file" from data services but I am still left with this error message during rebuild which is the same message that popped up on June 7th so this part was NOT fixed in the "fixed file" as data services claims. This is the part, now, that I am getting passed off to this department then this department & so on.

I replied to your response on Saturday & it was awaiting approval....either it didn't get approved or there was a glitch in sending because I don't see that reply anywhere in this thread.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Unresolved issue

Thanks for keeping me updated about this, @Candi2.


In situations like this, I'd suggest getting in touch with our QuickBooks for Mac Technical Support Team to better isolate this matter. They have the ability to initiate a remote viewing session to check on your data while the Community is a public forum. 


Meanwhile, here are some great references that you can check out about display issues in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac for your future use:

In that event, should you have any other questions concerning QuickBooks, you can always find me here. 

Established Community Backer ***

Re: Unresolved issue

Black and White lines on the check register...  hard to say without seeing it but this sounds like the color on the register's account was somehow set to black.  If you still have the original file (with the black and white lines) you could try opening that file, opening the register with the problem, and clicking on the color icon in the toolbar of the register window.  That will open a color palette - change it to something that isn't black. 


As far as the error on rebuild - see if that happened in the original file (the one prior to the file fix). If it doesn't happen, and if the above fixed the black and white issue, just use your original file.


If the rebuild error does happen or if you can't go back to the original file....  please let me know hear what the exact rebuild error message is.  Sometimes the messages aren't a real problem. But no way to know without knowing what the message says.

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