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It will not let me put my current expiration date in. It stops at 2020

QuickBooks Team

Re: Reactivation

It’s nice to see you today, Michelle meyer.

I'd be happy to point you in the right direction reactivating your account.

Since you're unable to enter the expiration date in your account, I recommend contacting our Technical Support Team to determine the root cause of the issue . They’ll need to gather personal data to pull up billing.

Once the account is verified, they’ll assist you in entering the credit card information on file. You can reach them through the following link:


  1. In your browser, enter this link:
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Choose your QuickBooks for Windows version.
  4. Select QuickBooks Orders & Account Management, and enter the topic.
  5. Click on the Get Phone Number button to see the support number.


Upon contacting them, you shouldn’t have any issues with the reactivation process. To help manage your account, the Customer Account Management Portal Site (CAMPS) is a one stop place that allows you to search, then view products and services you've ordered from us.


Stay in touch if you have questions about QuickBooks. I'd be glad to lend a helping hand. Have a great day ahead.



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Re: Reactivation

I lost you can you come back and help me? payroll isn;t working


QuickBooks Team

Re: Reactivation

I'm here to help you, @rgovan.


To accurately provide you the right resolution, can you specify what specific error you've encountered and actions are taken while the error occurs? Any additional information is highly appreciated.


However, if you're trying to update your payroll to the latest tax table and the error occurs. Possible reasons for this are:

  • Inactive payroll subscription
  • More than one active payroll agreement with an inactive Direct Deposit agreement
  • Incorrect Service Key
  • Product not updated

You can refer to this article for the detailed steps in resolving this: Resolve a Problem Verifying your Payroll Subscription.


Also, one possible reason that your payroll isn't working, it could be your payroll subscription is already expired. If this is the case, you'll need to renew and reactivate your subscription. You can check this article for the detailed steps: Renew or Reactivate your Desktop Payroll Service.


I'm also adding these great articles that can help guide you in your future tasks:

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have other questions or concerns. I'm always here to help.

Experienced Member

Re: Reactivation

I was voiding a paycheck, when the program said that subscription needed to be reactivated. Whn I tried to log on I was told that my email address or password were invalid. Now I am here at this screen to what the problem with my account is.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Reactivation

Hello there, mckeontrk.


To better isolate this issue, let's try updating your payroll subscription to the latest release. The instructions on how to do this are outlined below:


  1. Go to the Employees tab.
  2. Select Get Payroll Updates.
  3. You'll see the tax table version beside the Payroll Update Info button. 

Feel free to check out this article for your reference on how to get payroll updates: Latest payroll news and updates.


Also, here's an article that provides resolutions to other login errors encountered in QuickBooks Desktop: Error: The attempt to log in with the user name Admin failed.


Let me know if you have follow-up questions by leaving a comment below. I'll be here to assist. Have a great rest of the day. 

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