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receiving items and paying vendors in QB POS?

New to QBPOS.  Just imported items from QB desktop pro, and now all inventory quantities are zeroed in the desktop version.  It appears the two applications want QBPOS to be the system of record for inventory.  If that is the case, it would seem that I should do all my PO creation and receiving in QBPOS. 


I am confused about how to create bills from vendors for items received in POS..  I do not see an option for creating a bill from a vendor in POS.  Is there a data exchange that I need to manually perform to advise QB desktop pro that items have been received in QBPOS so I can then create the vendor bill in QB desktop pro?


Thanks in advance.


receiving items and paying vendors in QB POS?

Hi @wellroom,


Thanks for reaching out.  Welcome to Point of Sale.  I hope it ends up working well for you.  I have some resources that I believe will help you.  Here are some steps for how to receive items in Point of Sale.  This includes creating a purchase order and receiving against a PO (which, in point of sale terms, would be basically be the bill).  Also, I am including a link for how to do the financial exchange with QuickBooks Desktop.  This article is helpful because, if you scroll down the article, it will give you a list of what activities are done between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Point of Sale:


Financial Exchange Overview


Here are the steps covering receiving items in Point of Sale, Creating a purchase order, etc.:


Receive Items in Point of Sale

Vouchers can be created with or without a Purchase Order. When merchants need to restock or add new merchandise, they create and send these to their vendors. It usually is consist of the following:

  • The vendor’s name.
  • Order, shipping, and cancel dates.
  • A list of the items ordered, including description, order cost, and quantity ordered.
  • The total cost of the order, including applicable discounts and fees.
  • Optionally, terms of payment and payment due date (for tracking purposes).
  • A summary of the PO fill status (what has been received and what has not).
  • Ship To and Bill To stores.

Create a Purchase Order

  1. Select New Purchase Order from the Purchasing menu.
  2. Enter the PO Number.
  3. Select a vendor from the Vendor drop-down.
  4. Include the Ship To Address and Bill To Address.
  5. Select the items you want to order, specify its quantity as well.
  6. Enter information in other PO fields, including any applicable discount and/or fee that will apply to the order.
  7. Select Save.

There are two ways to receive items in Point of Sale.

Receive against a PO

  1. From the Purchasing menu at the home page, select Receive Items.
  2. From the I Want To menu, select Receive from PO.
  3. Choose the PO(s) you wish to receive.
  4. Select the Vendor.
  5. Click Receive All Due (All due items)/ Select Items to Receive (Select some of the items on due).
  6. Review the document, including the Unit Cost and Qty of each item.
  7. To enter or edit discounts, fees, and/or freight charges, select Enter Discount/Fee/Freight from the I Want To menu and enter the amounts.
  8. Select Enter Billing Info from the I Want To menu to enter Vendor Billing Information.
  9. Select Save & Print.

Receive Items Manually

  1. From the Home Screen, click on Receiving Vouchers.
  2. Fill out the necessary voucher information required.


I know this is a lot of information!  I'm including a link to support information for payments, which includes point of sale contact information if you need to reach out to someone who can walk you through some of these:


Contact Payments Support


Hope this helps!

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receiving items and paying vendors in QB POS?

Thanks very much for your reply.  Something that highlights my concern: I have a PO I created in desktop that is not available when I try to receive the product in POS.  Perhaps I did not connect the two systems properly?


Is the proper way to manage information between the two like this:

create items in POS

create vendors in POS

create POs in POS

receive against POs in POS.
How  are these different transactions reflected in desktop so that inventory, payables, and financials are updated?









receiving items and paying vendors in QB POS?

Hi again, @wellroom,


Without seeing your POS and Desktop it's hard to say it was set up/connected properly.  My best recommendation, at this point, would be to reach out to the support team through that linked I provided.  They will be able to walk through everything with you and ensure it's all set up properly.




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