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Receiving Online Payments in QuickBooks Desktop

Recently, I set up QuickBooks to receive click-to-pay invoices. I have e-mailed several invoices out, and had one of my customers thank me for how easy it was to pay, however - when and how do I receive the money? I haven't seen any unknown debits in my account, and I click on the "Merchant Services" tab and it says nothing is I missing something (or just impatient)?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Receiving Online Payments in QuickBooks Desktop

Hello CtDMonet,


I'm glad to see you dropping by here in the Community. Allow me to help provide information about receiving customer payments online in QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks collects the payments from your customers until 3 PM PT within the day and goes into a deposit that will be reflecting into your account next business day. Any transactions processed beyond the cutoff time will go in the next day's deposit.


Please also note that the first deposit usually takes 5 business days after the first successful payment. In addition, users who'll be receiving their first deposit may take longer since the system is still establishing the merchant account.


To gain more insights into QuickBooks Payments, such as the next business-day deposit, I'm attaching the article I recommend on this:


Find out when QuickBooks Payments deposits your money.


In case you need to view some video tutorials for your visual guide on QuickBooks Payments or want to view frequently asked questions, please check out this link:


Let me know if you need additional clarifications with the deposit schedule for the payments. I'll be here to help.