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Reconcile Error Message - Enterprise 16

 I am using Enterprise 16 and I'm in multi-user mode.  I am the Admin user.  I am trying to reconcile one bank account while another user is trying to reconcile a different  bank account at the same time.  However, we are both unable to reconcile at the same time and one of us keeps getting this message, " Unable to reconcile this account because one or more transactions that were marked pending are being edited by Admin.  Try again later or select another account to reconcile".  Has anyone ever received this error?  Thanks!

QuickBooks Team

Reconcile Error Message - Enterprise 16

Thanks for posting a question here in the Community, @gprowell.


Opening multiple company files may cause some errors when reconciling an account in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Let's perform some steps to single this out. First off, let's make sure there aren't any transactions opened in the other user. This way, it won't affect the bank reconciliation process.


Second, let's ensure to switch to Single-user Mode to prevent issues like this. Here's how:


  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Click Switch to Single-user Mode.


Then, you're all set reconciling your account again. Also, there are times you'll encounter some issues like having incorrect opening balances when reconciling your account. This great resource will surely help you with fixing it. For the details, please check out this article: How to fix reconciliation issues in QBDT?.


Once done with your reconciliation, I'd suggest customizing your reports. This is for you to get the details you'll want to pull up. This is made possible through this article: How to customize reports in QBDT?.


Hit the Reply button if you have more questions about account reconciliation in QBDT. I'd be glad to assist you further. Take care.

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Reconcile Error Message - Enterprise 16

Thanks for the response.  Using the same company file and in mult-user mode, is it possible for two different users to reconcile two different accounts at the same time?  This is where I am having the issue.




Reconcile Error Message - Enterprise 16

Hello gprowell,


This error can only occur in multi-user mode in QuickBooks. There's a possibility that the affected transaction(s) is associated to another account the other user is reconciling. Hence, you got the error. Example of these transactions are the bank to bank transactions or any transactions that affect the two accounts you're reconciling.


For now, You can follow ReyJohn_D's suggestion, or let the other user finish the reconciliation. Then, let the other one reconcile the other account.


Two users can reconcile two different accounts as long as no transactions are associated. That explains the things I've mentioned earlier.


Let us know if you have additional queries. 

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