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Reconciliation Discrepency

I am working with QB Pro 2019.  In December the gentleman helping me had me make some changes to the account.  These items had already been reconciled.  I need to Reconcile Nov. and Dec., but my beginning balance is WAY off.  I don't know how to fix this without starting over.  Suggestions????

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QuickBooks Team

Reconciliation Discrepency

I can give you some tips in handling beginning balance issues, HappyCamper03.


The balance of your account is incorrect because the previously cleared and reconciled transactions were voided, deleted, or modified. To fix this, we'll have to undo your past reconciliations then offset the balance by creating an adjustment. You can follow the steps that I've listed below:


First, we'll have to find the transactions causing the discrepancy by running the Reconcile Discrepancy report:


  1. Select Reports from the top menu bar. 
  2. Choose Banking, then select Reconciliation Discrepancy.
  3. Choose the appropriate Account, then click OK.
  4. You now have a list of transactions that were changed since the last reconciliation. 
  5. Please take note of the transaction date and the Entered/Last Modified of the discrepancy, which will tell you when the change occurred.

Then, we'll have to undo a previous reconciliation and redo it. Before diving, let's make sure to create a back up of your QuickBooks company file. This will be able to restore your data in case we ever run into problems.


Here's how to undo it:


  1. In the Begin Reconciliation window, select Undo Last Reconciliation.
  2. When prompted, select Continue then OK.
  3. Close and reopen the Begin Reconciliation window.

One done, we'll have to enter an offsetting adjustment by selecting Enter Adjustment. By doing this process, the program will automatically enter a Journal Entry under a special expense account called Reconciliation Discrepancies


If you need to locate and edit that journal entry, you can refer to this article: Fix beginning balance issues in QuickBooks Desktop.


I've included an article that will guide you in fixing common reconciliation in QuickBooks Desktop


Our doors are always open to help you, so please don't hesitate to visit us again of you need assistance in reconciling your accounts.

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