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Reconciliation status of balance sheet accounts

I noticed that the Accountant Center only shows the reconciliation status of the bank and credit card account types.  I reconcile other accounts such as loans. Is there a way to set up a  report that shows when I last reconciled an account?  Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

Reconciliation status of balance sheet accounts

Good day, @julieshoreline.


We appreciate you choosing QuickBooks Desktop in managing your business.


Yes, there's an available report that shows when you last reconciled an account. I'd be happy to guide you through the steps:

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Choose Banking.
  3. Click Previous Reconciliation.
  4. Select an account and necessary information.
  5. Click Display
  6. The date and time is showing on the upper left part of the report.

That should do it, julieshoreline. For additional insights, please check this articles:

Let me know if you have additional questions about report or reconciliation. I'd be around to help you more. Remember I'm here cheering for your continued success.

Level 15

Reconciliation status of balance sheet accounts

Once you get to the Previous Reconciliation listing, select each account and you see the List of Dates of reconciliation. You don't need to literally Run any report here; use it to simply see that list of dates. There is no Report showing that list of Dates.

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