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Reversing an account change

There was an item "Proposal" that had no account attached to it.  I created a new current liability account and changed the item to post to the new "Unearned Revenue" account and mistakenly hit yes to change prior transactions.  That screwed everything up.  I tried to remove the account to the "Proposal" item to change it back to the way it was and now it won't save without an account.  There is money in "Unearned Revenue" going back to 2015 and 2016 because the bookkeeper before me had "Proposal" going to a blank account, (not sure how that happened), when there shouldn't be anything in "Unearned Revenue". 


Does any one know of a way to reverse this out of "Unearned Revenue"?  Is there a default account it would have gone to getting it into "Unearned Revenue"?



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QuickBooks Team

Re: Reversing an account change

Hello, beancounterbooks.


If you have a backup copy prior from doing the changes, I’d recommend opening and restoring the file. If you don’t have, you’ll need to manually all transactions involve and change it back to their old account.


You can contact our phone support team to get assistance in figuring out the account where the item was linked before. They can walk you through in pulling up your company’s QBWINLOG. This is where you’ll find all the activities done in your QuickBooks including the accounts linked with the item.


Here’s how to reach them:


  1. Visit this link:

  2. Choose your product: QuickBooks Desktop

  3. Choose Pro or Premier.

  4. Select any main topics and sub topics.

  5. Scroll down, and click the Get Phone Number button.


Please note that QuickBooks won’t be able to save an item without having an associated account. Also, there’s default account when creating an item, you’ll need to assign it manually.


 Visit us again if you have other concerns with QuickBooks.