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Sales Order Fulfillment & Receiving Payments

We receive orders through Amazon, eBay and BigCommmerce and we want Webgility to push them through to QuickBooks. We specifically bought Enterprise Platinum to be able to manage inventory and fulfill orders. It seems like we need Webgility to create sales orders (not sales receipts) if we’re going to use the sales order fulfillment dashboard. Is this accurate? If so, how do we receive payments? Invoicing doesn’t make sense because most of our customers pay upon placement of their order. Please help us figure out our new workflow. 

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QuickBooks Team

Sales Order Fulfillment & Receiving Payments

Hi Shelbz0789,


Pushing sales orders to QuickBooks Enterprise and using its Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet feature is a great way to track your customers' orders. The challenge is on the payment part because we can only turn these orders into invoices to be able to record payments. And also, you will want to fulfill them first before turning them into invoices so they won't be removed from the worksheet. As of this time, this will be the workaround that we can do for your scenario.


If you have additional questions feel free to reach back out.

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