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Sales Order One Item Two Bins Problem

In QB we have a Sale Order that has one item on it, but the item is in two bins. When we create the invoice and associate the Sales Order with the Invoice, naturally QB thinks we are shipping the entire quantity on line one of the invoice, but  the Sales Order quantity is split between 2 bins so we select Bin A for line one of the invoice and enter the quantity. We go to line two of the invoice, but behold the association between the new invoice and the Sales Order is not populated therefore when we enter the quantity for line two on the new invoice it does not relieve the quantity due the customer on the Sales Order thus QB shows the Sales Order as open and back ordered. We've tried copy line and paste line, that does NOT retain the association between the Sales Order and the new invoice when you save the new invoice. 

We have resigned ourselves to using inventory transfer to consolidate the quantity for the item from Bin A and B to a single Bin. From there we invoice on one line only from a single bin and as such the associated Sales Order is showing as completely fulfilled. 

If there is a way to use two lines and two bin while retaining the association between the new invoice and Sales Order, that would be correct and a true reflection of the inventory movement through the warehouse to the customer. 

All questions and suggestions are much appreciated. Cheers. 

QuickBooks Team

Sales Order One Item Two Bins Problem

Hello there, @Toonces.


The option to create a Sales Order with multiple bin locations is currently unavailable in QuickBooks Desktop. It only allows you to choose one bin location per line item.


In the meantime, you can continue using inventory transfer as a workaround. Or you may need to enter each Bin separately in QuickBooks.


I will take note of this and let our Product developers aware of this feedback so they can include this feature on our next update.


Let me share this link to get additional information about managing your QuickBooks account: Help articles.


Keep in touch with me here if you have any additional concerns. I’m always around.

Level 3

Sales Order One Item Two Bins Problem

Many thanks for your reply. 


Since we use many bins for one item, the manual process to consolidate quantities in QB using Inventory Transfer while invoicing customers is quite problematic for us. 

If the Copy Line and Paste Line worked, we could maintain the association between the Sales Order and the new Invoice. That would correct our problem. Feel free to email me if you need more information to create a solution for this problem. I'm sure we are not the only business experiencing this issue. 

Have a great day and be safe!

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