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Sales Order Reporting

I am needing to pull a report that provides all of today's sales orders inputted for all customers. I want to be able to sort the data by the USER who entered the sales order. I was able to do this for "last modified by" but I am wanting to do this by who entered the sales order instead.


For example, if I enter the order today and then my employee modifies it a hour later, I want the report to identify that the order was entered by me.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Sales Order Reporting

Delighted to have you here, @Kakareka.


I'm here to help walk you through filtering and customising your Transaction List by Date Report. This way, you can sort out the users who recorded each transactions in QuickBooks.


  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Select Transactions List by Date Report in the For my accountant section.
  3. Choose the Date range of the report.
  4. Click the Gear Icon right below Save Customization button.
  5. Select Created By and Last Modified By.
  6. Click Run Report


That should do it! This will let you run reports showing the name of the person who entered the transactions and made changes on them.


If I can be of of any help, please feel free to leave a post below. Have a wonderful day.

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Re: Sales Order Reporting

Thank you. While this gives us some useful information it is not pulling the data I am looking for today. We are wanting the Sales Orders and not transactions which are two separate items in our QBs.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Sales Order Reporting

Thanks for getting back, Kakareka.


You can customize more on the report to filter and show the specific details you need. Follow the steps provided above to pull up and customize it, and add the following Filters:

  1. Click Customize button.
  2. Click Filter.
  3. In the Transaction Type drop-down, select the correct transaction type.
  4. Click Run Report.

I'll be around if you need more help.